Interest and pressure to prove agricultural sustainability, improve food safety and reduce fraud are increasing around the world. Promoting sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns are among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Likewise, for many organizations, large and small, sustainability—from the originating point of planting crops to throughout the supply chain to all the way to the end consumer—is increasingly a priority.

A historically challenging point in complex, global agricultural supply chains is at the beginning, starting with farm production. Small-scale farmers in particular are often stuck in a cycle of subsistence farming because they receive a paltry slice of the economic pie due to the challenges of financial inclusion and education. The opportunity to address the challenges of provenance, authenticity and traceability and to reward the farmer is now more real with emerging technologies such as blockchain.

Tip the Farmer is a solution concept from Accenture that generates a new kind of value in the global agricultural supply chain by going beyond track and trace in providing consumers with a mechanism to reliably identify products, prove authenticity and enable new channels of engagement. Its aim is to enable consumers to reward farmers using sustainable practices with a “tip” through direct payment to the beginning of the supply chain—directly to farmers.

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