At Accenture we believe that AI and other technologies can be a force for positive change, provided the human is placed at the centre of the development, application and governance of the technology. Only by ensuring that businesses, policy-makers, academia and broader societal groups work together to manage the challenges associated with AI or the ‘transition’ through this revolution, will the benefits and potential be assured. We have reviewed the current landscape in Europe and considered what can be done to maximise the benefits of AI and ensure that ethical and governance issues are considered. This white paper was prepared by Accenture Applied Intelligence for the inaugural AI Summit held in partnership with POLITICO, a global nonpartisan politics and policy news organization, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Read the press release.

When humans and AI combine forces, we can only imagine the betterment of society and economy.

Artificial Intelligence is moving beyond the hype, from Research and Development (experimental AI) to real life application (exponential AI). This is due to the combination of greater and more affordable computing power and storage, the growth of data in volumes and the rise of open source frameworks. Globally this new era of AI is at different stages of maturity: in China the Government has made substantial investment to develop a digital eco-system focused on AI, while in the US a similar eco-system has been funded by private investment, and the European Union lacks an overall plan and Approach to AI.

The current concentration of AI capabilities in Europe is focused on UK, Germany and France and is mainly facilitated by academic institutions. There is a clear opportunity to create a strong eco-system across the European region that boosts investment and research, considers education and reskilling, and also framework for governance.

Certainly, a more agile governance approach will be required to keep pace with technology ical development as these technologies continue to develop in the future in ways that we do not yet know. There are multiple challenges associated with the wide scale implementation of AI technologies and clear ethical concerns about the use of personal data and access to information.

In this White Paper, Accenture Applied Intelligence conducts a medium-term analysis of the status of AI in Europe and make some recommendations for governments, businesses, stakeholders and institutions to follow in order for them to help Europe realise the economic and societal potential of AI.

Barbara Wynne

Associate Director – Eu Government Relations

Christina Demetriades

Senior Managing Director – Deputy General Counsel

Deborah Santiago

Managing Director – Legal Services, Digital & Strategic Offerings


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