In the latest Finance & Accounting As-a-Service Business Process Outsourcing Blueprint Report published by HfS Research, Accenture has been named in the Winners Circle and a leader in execution. HfS recognizes Accenture strength in helping clients transform to “real-time enterprises” that are customer-centric and agile.

Also noting Accenture’s traditional strength in consulting, the report added that Accenture “has better leveraged this capability into its business operations through Business Advisors.”

HfS has also recognized Accenture for embedding analytics into its F&A offerings. The report noted that Accenture topped all competitors in the number of contracts with embedded analytics.

The HFS Blueprint Grid in Finance & Accounting As-a-Service 2017 named Accenture in the Winners Circle, for excellence in innovation and execution.

HfS also named Accenture as a leading service provider in integrating robotics process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation. An example it mentioned was the Accenture Cash Apps Advisor, which handles unapplied cash reconciliation in real-time, using artificial intelligence-based smart-matching. Another example was Intelligent Invoicing, which predicts invoice accuracy and outcomes.

Accenture is increasingly providing agility and transparency for F&A through intelligent automation and analytics.

This report describes how and why Accenture has retained its leadership position year on year and the matrix used to qualify for the recognition.

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