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Meet Kathy Bonneville

Q&A with Kathy Bonneville on how airlines can leverage digital to bridge the skill and gender gap.

"I think my generation created some of our own unreasonable expectations for both personal and work commitments. I am happy for my son and daughter and their future families to demand more balance in their lives, and that companies like Accenture are changing to meet the needs and expectations of their workforce."

Getting more women onboard

Meet Stephanie Linnartz

Q&A with Stephanie Linnartz, Global Chief Commercial Officer, Marriott international.

“The advice I always give is two-fold: have a true north that’s more about company outcomes and less about personal advancement and take on the hardest projects — the ones nobody else wants to take on. The combination has a way of leading to bigger and better things.”

Make a meaningful difference

Meet Julia Sattel

Q&A with Julia Sattel, Senior Vice President Airlines, Amadeus.

“There is one thing for sure, AI will revolutionize the travel experience and all of us in the travel sector will have to embrace it.”

Embrace Technology

Meet Mercedes Oblanca

Mercedes Oblanca on why travel companies and women need to reinvent themselves in the new digital world.

“The digital transformation we are experiencing in the way we work and interact with clients and teams, also opens new opportunities for women to rethink how they can manage their work-life balance.”

Reinvent and transform

Meet Catherine Dyer

Q&A with Catherine Dyer, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer, Air Canada

"Know that everyone has "do-overs" – don't be afraid to try and take on the tough assignment or ask a question you think is silly – they rarely are and they are part of your growing and stretching."​