Call for change

Data breaches and cyberattacks are becoming more frequent, and the need to secure our technological environment is one of the most critical issues we face.

With hundreds of thousands of employee devices, from laptops and tablets to smartphones and specialized server configurations for our clients, our focus goes beyond essential maintenance. We’ve invested in technologies that drive automation and security compliance at speed and scale, for our own workstation fleet as well as our client services across the globe.

We’re raising the bar for security and compliance in an ever-changing technological environment.

When tech meets human ingenuity

To make sure we are keeping our data and workstations secure, we designed a solution that provides safety while allowing our employees the appropriate flexibility to work effectively. Our Information Security team, along with our internal IT team developed an automated security compliance tool designed to secure and improve the employee experience.

Operating in real time, this innovative tool uses advanced security technology that runs silently as a background service to enforce workstation compliance and asset management standards.

The tool runs on a frequent schedule, providing real-time, automatic fixes without disrupting our employees. And when issues can’t be immediately handled by the automation, a pop-up message on the workstation alerts employees to submit a digital service ticket.

Speed of patching

Leveraging best-in-class technologies, our automated security tool raises the bar for the speed at which we stay current with patching compliance.

Analysis of root causes

Through the tool’s automated design, data is available to analyze root causes for any noncompliant device and prevent the issues from occurring again.

Data-driven assessments

Expanded analytics through the tool enable measurement of our entire workstation fleet, driving continuous improvement and focus on prevention.

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A valuable difference

With the data generated by this security tool, we are able to maintain a preemptive analysis of the state and health of our workstations. We use the data to secure a broader view and scope of any unusual issues, and take actions in real time to ensure the compliance and safety of our entire technological fleet.

The tool’s automation allows for quick intervention and resolutions to issues, ultimately helping us create a secure environment that is best-in-class according to cybersecurity benchmarking companies. These third-party, cybersecurity risk reports have helped us focus on key security issues to watch out for and promptly fix.

Our workstation fleet security tool has made the compliance process more efficient through real-time automation and analysis, providing our employees the flexibility to work safely and effectively.

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