The bank planned to replace four legacy core banking systems as they neared capacity and obsolescence, with the goal of improving service levels and gaining efficiencies.

Strategy and solution

The new core banking platform will be the foundation supporting the bank's vision of unifying across the region, providing user simplicity as well as efficiency benefits as all countries operate with a common single platform.

Accenture provided program management, implementation and roll-out for the regional core banking replacement program across all geographic phases, along with change management and training support.


With the primary expectation focused upon on-time delivery, we worked with the bank's teams to meet the planned cutover date, transitioning more than 9 million customer accounts, 300 processes and four legacy systems to a single system reaching all of Malaysia's 300 branches over a single cutover weekend with no delays, no high-severity issues and no financial write-offs. We also supported the change management and training teams in their successful development and delivery of 500 e-learning training days and 15,000 classroom training days.

In addition to the successful implementation, our team also helped the bank improve internal capability for project delivery, testing methodology, process management and the system deployment process itself.

The project transitioned more than 9 million accounts, 300 processes and 4 legacy systems to a single system over a single cutover weekend.
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