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Accenture's clients span the full range of industries around the world, allowing professionals with an industry specialization to build deep, marketable skills and gain experience that adds value to their professional development.


Communications, Media & Technology

In Communications, Media & Technology, you’ll work with the companies that are creating the products of tomorrow, including:

You’ll use your industry-specific expertise to help our clients in the following industries seize the opportunities made possible by the convergence of communications, computing and content:



Our Communications industry group serves most of the world’s leading wireline, wireless, cable and satellite communications and service providers. We offer a portfolio of services designed to address major business and operational issues. You’ll help our communications clients grow revenues, increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction.


Electronics & High Tech

In the Electronics & High Tech industry group, you’ll serve the clients in aerospace and defense, communications technology, consumer technology, enterprise technology, medical equipment technology, and semiconductor and software. You’ll provide expertise in areas such as strategy, enterprise resource management, customer relationship management, integrated mobile services, embedded software services, product lifecycle management, sales transformation, digital marketing services, supply chain management and merger/acquisition integration.

Media and Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

Our Media & Entertainment industry group serves the broadcast, entertainment, print, publishing and Internet/social media industries. You’ll provide a wide range of digital services—including video solutions, marketing, performance advertising, intellectual property management, and content and media technologies—designed to help clients effectively manage, access, distribute, sell and protect content across multiple platforms and devices.

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Financial Services

Team with our clients to address growth, cost and profitability pressures, industry consolidation, and regulatory changes in a dynamic global market. Help them to transform their operations and navigate the new technologies that drive our economy. You’ll serve these industries:

Visit our Industries page to learn more about our work in Financial Services.

Health & Public Service

Work with healthcare payers and providers, government agencies and public service organizations around the globe. You’ll help these clients deliver better social services and improved health and economic outcomes for the people they serve.


Defense & Public Safety

focuses on citizen protection, addressing defense, border management and public safety as a single industry group that reflects the growing synergies between national defense and homeland security.



supports health provider networks, health payers and agencies that manage health service delivery programs, including oversight government bodies, research-oriented and health policy-making entities, public health care providers and government-assisted health insurance providers.

Human Services

Human Services

provides solutions to help governments provide essential social services to citizens from birth through retirement, and at specific points in a citizen's lifetime. These points include periods of unemployment, sickness and retirement.

Public Service

Public Service Operations & Management

focuses on public sector agencies, departments and ministries that provide core administrative activities and operational service functions by helping them reduce costs, improve services, drive new insights and unleash technology to deliver public service for the future. This industry group also covers agencies that manage a nation’s economy and society, including economic development, energy and environment, and pan-government agencies such as the United Nations and the European Union.

Visit our Industries page to learn more about our work in Health and Public Service.


Work with clients to improve the lives of consumers. You’ll affect what people purchase, where they shop and what they drive, and have the opportunity to help create a more connected experience for travelers and influence how physicians, patients and pharma companies work together.

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Working with key industry players in the Energy, Natural Resources, Chemicals and Utilities sectors around the world, you’ll develop innovative strategies, improve operations and reduce risk while offering solutions that span the entire energy value chain.

Visit our Industries page to learn more about our work in Resources.

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