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Accenture Kathline Durden Thumbnail
"In security, you need to be tenacious, persistent and resilient—traits I picked up on the court."
Kathline Durden
Consultant, Cyber Defense
+ Meet Kathline
Kathline is a consultant in Cyber Defense. Her most recent project had her heading up the Data Loss Prevention program for a client. Kathline and her team were responsible for determining where security gaps existed, and implementing policies to ensure sensitive data doesn’t leave the network.
It’s high-pressure work that requires you to think strategically and react quickly, traits Kathline picked up during her time as a teenage professional tennis player. The skills she honed on the tennis court—tenacity, persistence, resilience—combined with the tools she learned as a homeschooled athlete—self-motivation, the ability to study and think independently—form the ideal skillset for a cyber defense consultant.
To clients, she’s a powerful partner—one they love to have on their side of the court.
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Accenture Roger Goh Thumbnail
“Like a LEGO structure, a solid system is built upon multiple layers of security components.”
Roger Goh
Senior Manager, Digital Identity
+ Meet Roger
Roger is a Senior Manager of Digital Identity at Accenture Security. He helps organizations create and manage solutions that empower employees, customers, or citizens to gain access to their IT systems across multiple platforms. This can easily get highly complex, especially when users number in the tens of thousands or even above a million.
But this level of complexity was exactly what brought Roger to Accenture. “I heard a lot about the scale of Accenture projects, and that got me interested in joining the company.”
For the past few years, he has been playing a pivotal role in bringing to life a nationwide authentication project for the government. The project safeguards citizens, permanent residents, and work-permit holders of Singapore from security breaches that could compromise their private information with government agencies. The size of the Accenture team—80 of them—on this project says a lot about its scale and reach.
To Roger, his attraction to large-scale and complex projects is a natural extension of his passion for building—with LEGO bricks. “I’ve always enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of building something from scratch. The individual bricks are nothing on their own, but with clear blueprints, a strategic mind, and the drive to see projects to completion, you can create amazing structures.”
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Accenture Neha Joshi Thumbnail
"Pushing the limits further and further to pioneer security solutions and see results feels completely extraordinary."
Neha Joshi
Managing Director, Digital Identity
+ Meet Neha
Neha leads Digital Identity in Offering Development. A boomerang employee, she returned to Accenture after a short stint in the world of children’s publishing. Neha’s always been interested in trying as many different things as possible. In school, she stood out due to her many extra-curricular pursuits, and continued acting after college with a well-known acting school in New York.
Here she picked up skills that she uses every day at Accenture. “I’m telling a story. Are the people I’m talking with engaged? Are they on this journey with me? You need to work with them to uncover their challenges.” Neha’s favorite acting roles were the ones that pushed her out of her comfort zone, the ones that required her to push the limits.
Pushing the idea of what’s possible. That’s what she’s doing at Accenture. Case in point: Neha’s team built a tool that, thanks to automation, takes initial security implementation time down from 3–6 months to 1.5 hours.
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Accenture Brian Urbanski Thumbnail
“You need to be aware of everything happening around you, see the big picture and be ready to adjust at all times.”
Brian Urbanski
Senior Manager, Digital Identity
+ Meet Brian
Brian spent his early years as a white-hat hacker, helping financial institutions manage their risk by discovering their technical vulnerabilities. It was a perfect fit for his three degrees in accounting, finance and computer information systems and love for tinkering. He grew up taking apart computers and anything mechanical just to see if he could make them work again after rebuilding them from scratch. And as an outdoor enthusiast, who’s done everything from spelunking to sailing, he admits to feeling the same adrenaline rush when hacking into computers.
As a pen tester, Brian saw the challenges organizations face when trying to secure access to their critical data. He presented recommendations that struck the right balance between barriers to access and risk mitigation. However, Brian wanted to move away from recommendations and instead proactively help his clients by implementing solutions. He transitioned into Identity and Access Management and eventually joined the Accenture Security practice. Brian currently focuses on Managed Security Services and Digital Identity implementations where he partners with clients and helps them look holistically at security across their entire enterprise.
After nine years with Accenture Security, Brian still enjoys those thrills, whether it’s leading a rapid deployment project or driving across the country on his motorcycle. "You need to be aware of everything happening around you, see the big picture and be ready to adjust at all times." This perspective allows our Security practitioners to remain agile to the ever-changing needs of our client.
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Accenture Dellytania Setiawan Thumbnail
“Creating security solutions is about putting together the right ingredients, in the right proportions, at the right time.”
Dellytania Setiawan
Consultant, Cyber Defense
+ Meet Dellytania
Dellytania grew up watching her mother work her magic in the kitchen. That’s how she fell in love with cooking. While some may find serving up a perfect dish a daunting thought, Dellytania has learned since young that it all boils down to just one thing: the drive to get the recipe exactly right, no matter much work or how many tries it takes.
To Dellytania, it’s much like her work in securing the systems and applications of organizations to protect them from vulnerabilities. One particular project with a leading global investment firm best exemplifies this. In order to improve their security process, she needed to assess multiple security tools to put together a combination that could answer every requirement and produce the desired results. In getting there, she found herself learning some of the core capabilities in the Cyber Security Operating Model.
Instead of feeling daunted by the level of complexity, she couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to expand her skill set in a big way.
That’s what Dellytania enjoys most about her job. To her, anything worth doing—like whipping up a delicious meal or defending against adversaries in cyberspace—is worth doing right.
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Accenture Arielle Zwang Thumbnail
"I saw Accenture as the place where my individual voice would be heard."
Arielle Zwang
Analyst, Infrastructure Security
+ Meet Arielle
Arielle works as a Cyber Defense Analyst in Infrastructure Security. She spends most of her day trying to find and exploit network vulnerabilities. Yes, she’s a hacker—and proud of it.
She developed a passion for IT security during college, and sought an employer where she could continue to develop across the security spectrum. Arielle was impressed by Accenture’s use of emerging technologies and security training curriculum—but even more, she felt her work would be valued and make a real impact.
"I wanted to jump in and be at the front of the line with incident response," Arielle explained. "And I saw Accenture as the place where my individual voice would be heard." Seven months into the job, she’s built trusted client relationships to help make their software development process more secure. And with Accenture’s training and support, has already achieved her Splunk and Security + certifications.
In fact, her experience at Accenture has been so positive she became involved with Girls Who Code. From demonstrating that coding is not just isolated computer work to helping young women with their resumes, Arielle is helping encourage and prepare more women to enter the field.
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Accenture Bennet Toh Thumbnail
“Cybersecurity professionals need to rise to the challenge of the unknown. That’s where my traveler’s mindset serves me well.”
Bennet Toh
Senior Manager, Deal Execution
+ Meet Bennet
Bennet is a veteran of cybersecurity. Even after more than 20 years in the business, he’s still excited by what he’s doing with Accenture Security in ASEAN. To him, that’s exactly why he never gets tired of traveling—there’s always something new to explore.
In his field, things never stay the same for long, but what makes his work here really exciting is the people and the resources. He gets to work with some of the best minds around, and next-generation technologies are always at hand. It’s about pushing the limits of what’s possible all the time.
Getting out of his comfort zone is a big part of Bennet’s life. Inspired by a book he read as a child, he’s been traveling extensively to see the world. Being in unfamiliar places has also sharpened his ability to adapt and respond to unexpected situations.
Back at work, this is a strength that he readily calls upon to disarm hackers, day after day.
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Accenture Gabe Albert Thumbnail
"It’s rewarding to use my personal passion to help clients solve complex security problems."
Gabe Albert
Senior Manager, Identity and Access Management
+ Meet Gabe
Gabe, who’s been with Accenture for eight years, works as a Senior Manager in Identity and Access Management. A lifelong technology enthusiast, Gabe got his first computer in 5th grade—a Mac with a 250 mb hard drive and 4 mb of RAM. He was immediately more interested in how the programs worked than the programs themselves. What was the coding behind them? He found the answer at computer camp, where he learned how to program and met people who were as passionate about technology as he was.
Working at Accenture is, Gabe loves that he’s surrounded by likeminded people, people who still get excited by technology and all its possibilities. People who totally understand why he felt the need during a recent situation to get down in the trenches—from his managerial position—and write an application.
A programmer at heart, Gabe enjoys the process of brewing his own craft beers out of his tiny New York City kitchen. In fact, he’s a walking encyclopedia of beer, who sees every work trip as an opportunity to sample the local brew.
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