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Banks are transforming. Becoming more relevant to customers. “Everyday banks” are essential to the lives of clients. Enabling the transformation: Digital. Allowing banks to serve customers better. Through more innovative services that cross industry lines and call for new business models.


Increased regulatory scrutiny. Tightening capital requirements. The simultaneous threat and opportunity of digital technologies. Capital markets players need to identify the critical strategic interventions required to restore profitable growth. And remain nimble in the face of uncertainty.


Leading metals, mining, forest products and building materials companies need to achieve profitable organic and inorganic growth. All while battling continuing price volatility, erratic demand growth and margin compression. Chemical companies need to out-execute competitors in an increasingly volatile market. Leveraging technology to get closer to the end customer.


Enabling digital. Helping to connect to the digital consumer, increase revenues, develop and launch innovative products and services speed and optimize network performance while reducing costs.


Global consumer numbers are surging, particularly in emerging markets, with legions of new shoppers. Brands and shopping forums seem to multiply by the day. Winning Consumer Goods and Services companies will be those that drive more profitable sales through a seamless, multichannel approach.


Accenture Strategy — Energy works with all segments of the oil and gas industry (Upstream, Downstream, Oil Equipment and Services Providers, as well as Independent Trading Houses) to help them respond to today’s challenging market conditions and better understand how new digital technologies can be integrated with their operations to increase business value. Our clients benefit from our deep industry knowledge, strategic insights and our specialized capabilities, such as our global upstream team, leveraging the recent acquisition of SBC.


Skyrocketing costs. Healthcare reform. Changing consumer expectations. New digital technology. These trends and others are converging to create a perfect storm of change in the healthcare industry. Prompting an urgent need and an opportunity for radical transformation.

Industrial & Travel


From Automotive, Industrial, Infrastructure all the way through to the Travel industry. A diverse range of sectors with a number of common challenges. For starters Digital disruption. Companies need to optimize operational efficiency while lowering cost of service. While adopting new business models that will navigate the new digital world.


Insurance companies are facing increased threat from non-traditional players as digital breaks the marketplace wide open. Becoming more competitive means facing squarely toward the end customer. Providing more innovative products through more channels. At lower prices.


From biopharmaceuticals and diagnostics and throughout healthcare at large, companies are competing for position in a changing landscape. One irrevocably altered by digital. Where payers become providers. Biopharmaceuticals enter managed services. And all players act in an increasingly interlinked ecosystem focused on the patient.


What's the best strategy for attracting, and attracting back, your best customers? And who are they anyway? In a world rife with data points, retailers need insight to shape strategies that put them ahead of their competitors. In-store and online.


Operational efficiency. Top line growth. Improved customer satisfaction. Greater reliability and safety. And stave off competition from new market entrants. Staying competitive in the utilities industry is tougher than ever. Having a strategy that focuses on the intersection of business and technology helps.