Our commitment

Accenture is partnering with local and global organizations to help individuals and families who need to leave their home countries as they establish new lives, gain meaningful employment and start businesses.

Uniting efforts through Welcome.US

Welcome.US: Co-chaired by Accenture Chair and CEO Julie Sweet and Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the Welcome.US CEO Council works to accelerate and scale private sector support for those seeking refuge and galvanize a culture of welcoming. The initial focus of the council includes three key areas of impact: meeting the initial resettlement needs of the individuals and families who fled Afghanistan and Ukraine; supporting the employment of newcomers through new training and hiring initiatives; and mobilizing their employees, customer bases and peers in the business community to join the welcome movement. Accenture is also providing pro bono services to Welcome.US to support the resettlement of newcomers.

Ukraine relief efforts

From financial support to leveraging technology to meet essential needs, we are helping refugees from Ukraine.

Crisis relief donations: Accenture has donated US$5 million to nonprofit relief organizations working to help people in Ukraine and those who are being displaced into Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. We matched 100% of the US$1.75 million in donations from our people.

In addition, we are contributing other support, including:

Apps to meet essential needs: In Slovakia, our people developed a simple mobile app to help distribute insulin and other essential supplies to Ukrainian children with diabetes. The app coordinates the requests efficiently and with security in mind, to avoid potential unauthorized access or misuse of highly sensitive data.

Another team created a “Map of Help”—an elegant solution based on Google Maps—that identifies important location points and resources available for refugees in the country, and also directed Slovakians who wanted to help to places in need of volunteer support.

Digital upskilling and employment: Another forward-looking project is a partnership with jobs platform provider The Adecco Group. The goal of the partnership is to support all refugees looking to start a new career and to open a channel for Accenture to recruit new talents. To support this endeavor, we have adapted our Skills to Succeed Academy to provide basic employment and digital skills to all refugees. Emails have been sent to Ukrainian refugees to introduce the Academy content and increase employability of those who complete the courses.

In Poland, we rapidly transformed our Carrots Academy for Women initiative into an upskilling program to provide cybersecurity training to Ukrainian women refugees. On completion, participants may receive job offers from Accenture or another established employer in Poland.

Digitizing learning with Junior Achievement Europe: With nonprofit partner Junior Achievement Europe, we organized Accenture volunteers across Greece, South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S. to translate and digitize content for Ukrainian youth refugees. Our volunteers translated workforce readiness and entrepreneurship content on Articulate into Ukrainian and set up a platform where displaced Ukrainian youth have access to content, continued skilling and education despite disruptions in their formal education and livelihoods.

Partnering to deliver food and aid: In the U.K., we partnered with the Confederation of British Industry to organize essential humanitarian food boxes for delivery to Ukraine. Each food box contained 14 items and was designed to feed a person for a week. The team worked with food manufacturers and supply chain partners, and the Ukrainian embassy in London, to ensure this essential aid reached those most in need.

Ongoing efforts

We support people around the world by applying human ingenuity and technology expertise to help provide solutions to societal challenges. Many of these projects are part of our Skills to Succeed initiative, which equips people worldwide with the skills to make substantive improvements to their lives.

For example, we have created a variety of online learning platforms to help people—including refugees and displaced groups—enhance employability and develop beneficial skills to progress in their careers and excel in the digital economy.

Migraflix and Corporacion Minuto de Dios: Through a skilling program developed with Migraflix, an organization dedicated to fostering migrant entrepreneurship in Latin America, Accenture helped more than 460 Venezuelan refugees in Brazil. In Colombia, we focused on migrant entrepreneurs to strengthen not only personal skills but also build business capabilities. Together with our NGO partner, Corporacion Minuto de Dios, we supported research and provided tools to encourage economic stability for the migrant entrepreneurs and their families.

ReDI School of Digital Integration: In partnership with Microsoft, we helped to initiate ReDI in Düsseldorf, Germany, to support reskilling refugees and other displaced people with in-demand technology training, including web development, data analytics and network infrastructure. Additionally, Accenture volunteers support ReDI in Munich, Hamburg and virtually (the Cyberspace) with mentoring and training so that participants may grow their careers in a community of learners, teachers, volunteers and partners. ReDI has a successful track record in helping individuals with refugee backgrounds find employment within the tech sector.

Refugee Talent Hub: Founded by Accenture people in the Netherlands—many of whom have a refugee background—Refugee Talent Hub (RTH) is an employers initiative that empowers refugee talents to grow their network, advance skills and find employment. As of the end of fiscal 2021, more than 120 of our people served as mentors. Last year, 940 refugees were reskilled through RTH. Additionally, Accenture Netherlands has made a pledge to welcome and hire 100 new colleagues with a refugee background by 2025 into the workforce.

Upwardly Global: Working directly with college-educated immigrants and refugees, Upwardly Global is dedicated to helping newcomers—including Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders who supported U.S. military troops in Afghanistan as translators, engineers and embassy clerks—rebuild their lives and futures in the United States. Accenture donated US$200,000 and pro bono services to help Upwardly Global assist 1,400 Afghan refugees and SIVs in finding long-term employment aligned with their capabilities.

Through our partnerships and innovation, Accenture is helping to strengthen communities, rewire the global economy for shared success and create a more inclusive and equitable future. Together with governments, nonprofit organizations, the private sector and the generous outpouring of support of people in communities around the world, we can all make a difference in supporting refugees.

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