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Canadian bank: Retail lending operating model

Reengineering processes for a lending origination platform and developing a clear strategy to implement a retail lending operating model.


Accenture helped a Canadian bank reengineer processes for a new lending origination platform, and develop a clear strategy to implement a new retail lending operating model.

This Canadian bank provides retail, wealth management and investment products to customers in North America and internationally. The bank employs more than 40,000 people.

The bank sought to address a number of issues stemming from their retail lending operating model.

Among the challenges the bank wanted to address:

  • Customers experienced long wait times and weren’t offered insight into the process.

  • Strong automated adjudication capabilities were not used to their full potential.

  • The sales force lacked the tools and processes to effectively drive growth.

  • Changing and maintaining technology was costly.

  • The sales force was not empowered with training or compensation schemes to promote strategic goals.

  • A heavy reliance on branches for fulfillment and servicing reduced the time available to sell.

  • Complex processes for front-line staff involved a large number of handoffs.

  • The process, particularly in credit and product operations, was hindered by highly variable inputs, manual processes and duplication of work.

  • Limited automation restricted significant process improvement.

  • Performance was limited by a lack of key performance indicators and end-to-end process governance.

The bank would need to improve its retail lending operations to support their growth ambitions and improve the customer experience.


The bank teamed with Accenture to redesign its processes, capture business requirements and design a new retail lending operating model.

In the first phase of the project, Accenture helped the bank deliver the business requirements and reengineer new processes for a lending origination platform. Accenture and the bank:

  • Prioritized the capabilities to be implemented in a new automated lending system

  • Developed a multi-year release strategy to deliver value quickly and often

  • Redesigned the lending process to enhance the customer experience and reduce process time

  • Facilitated business requirements-gathering sessions and documented business requirements using Accenture assets

  • Conducted prioritization of requirements based on greatest benefit and ease of implementation

  • Developed the business case to support funding for the new platform

In the second phase of the project, Accenture helped the bank develop a new operating model and roadmap. Accenture and the bank:

  • Assessed the current state and compared the bank’s existing capabilities with those of its competitors

  • Conducted a workshop with executives to explore lending vision and strategy

  • Developed a target operating model incorporating a set of required capabilities

  • Developed a three-to-four year roadmap and high-level business case

With Accenture’s help, the bank has defined requirements to reengineer their processes, and they are on their way to implementing a new lending system.

They also have a clear strategy, vision and roadmap to implement a new retail lending operating model.