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Accenture Customer Innovation Network

The Accenture Customer Innovation Network (ACIN) leads with a consumer-centric focus and ethos helping clients in consumer markets create their future.


In today’s increasingly disrupted consumer markets, even the most competitive companies must constantly innovate to maintain relevance and ward off new competitors. At the Customer Innovation Network, we bring market expertise, industry leading practices, bleeding-edge technologies and consumer research together to create an experience that helps you think differently about the future—from digital transformation, to corporate strategy, to IT, sales and marketing reinvention.

With locations in APAC, Europe, Latin America and North America, we assist companies in exploring the art of the possible, leveraging industry best practices, leading capabilities and emerging technologies to create a vision for the road ahead. How will your business differentiate for the digital consumer and what is the best way to get there?

Why Accenture

The Accenture Customer Innovation Network (ACIN) helps you better connect with your customers through a global network of facilities, practitioners and assets that will encourage different thinking, drive team collaboration and lead to true breakthroughs for the organization.

"Our day at Accenture was insightful and discussions were practical, insightful and actionable."
– Global Vice President of Information Technology

Specific Services

  • Innovation sessions
    We create an engaging, differentiated experience through our innovation sessions. During the custom-designed day, conversations in your areas of interest are brought to life through professional facilitation and engaging activities.

    At an innovation workshop, you will learn about what is possible in the marketplace for working with end consumers and business partners alike. We use a variety of methods to collect insight, identify opportunities and align the experience to your ambitions.

"This was a thought-provoking day. This type of thing should be done every time we kickoff strategic planning."

– Senior Vice President of Customer Insights

  • In-store customer immersions
    Get into the mind of your consumers, exploring how they engage with brands, including yours, with a customized In-Store Customer Immersion. Materials are bespoke, with selected stores and experiences that are most interesting to the future of your business.

"The Retail presentation was very interesting. Confirmed how quickly the shopping picture is changing. People are buying in a totally different way."

– Global e-Commerce Director

  • World innovation newsletters
    We provide a tailored newsletter service to inspire and keep you updated on the latest innovations across the marketplace.

  • Digital academy
    Bring your organization into the Digital Age through an offering that combines a curriculum, change management processes and a gamification platform. Accenture Digital Infusion provides comprehensive digital capability-building tailored to your needs.

  • Agile prototyping
    We make your ideas a reality, working to build prototypes to address business challenges or to explore leveraging a new technology through rapid pilots.

  • Co-innovation programs
    Innovation is not a one-day event. Our co-innovation programs bring together our team with an eye for innovation and your team with an eye for the day-to-day business to identify opportunities for collaboration and change.

Contact Us

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