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Taking the analytics journey to ROI in communication

 Communications Service Provider (CSP) analytics is critical in a market characterized by economic volatility.


Capitalizing on the value provided by communications analytics and big data can ensure competitive differentiation. To thrive in this environment, CSPs require powerful analytic tools and processes that differ fundamentally from those utilized by previous generations of providers. In this context, new capabilities will define the new competitive edge.

Communication Analytics can unlock the value in vast and complex network and customer data, enabling real-time decision making that can help CSPs:

  • Unleash consistent, personalized services

  • Strengthen relationships

  • Maintain network quality and expansion

  • Grow revenue

The Accenture Journey to Analytics ROI can help CSPs gather, organize and analyze the vast amount of uniquely available data. This process reveals insights that enable enriched real-time decision-making, quicker results and improved value.

Our issues to outcomes approach—using data, analytics, insights and actions—can help match the speed of the CSPs' actions to the speed of emerging opportunities.

Start your analytics journey to ROI in Communications

Why Accenture

Accenture is a recognized leader in the fields of analytics and communications. We combine our analytics experience and solutions with a deep understanding of the issues facing service providers.

Accenture has the global reach and breadth of capability to help communication service providers integrate insights from analytics to increase return on investment (ROI) in both customer and network areas. The result is business outcomes that include:

  • Attaining and maintaining operational excellence

  • Building innovative and new services to drive new revenue streams

  • Enabling more digital products and services

  • Increased customer loyalty

We are able to provide a complete spectrum of capabilities:

  • We have the technical and business domain knowledge required to help translate analytics insights into actionable outcomes.

  • We have a flexible and scalable solution that is capable of handling ever-increasing volume, velocities and varieties of data.

  • We couple our technologies skills with analytics skills to design architecture, select big data technologies, identify significant data sources, and define data models and real-time business rules.

We are vendor agnostic and flexible

  • We have strong partnerships with key players in the analytics domain.

  • We offer a vendor-agnostic approach, with no vested interest in any particular technology. Accenture will evaluate the appropriate solutions for your company, based on your specific needs.

Begin the journey to analytics ROI in communications to make the most of your analytics investment.