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Alnova Financial Solutions

Helping banks transform their core banking operations by increasing flexibility, agility and competitiveness.


​Alnova Financial Solutions is a solution construction accelerator that provides banks with broad functionality and advanced capabilities anchored in Accenture's extensive knowledge of high-performance banking processes. This solution enables banks to transform their core banking operations, thereby increasing flexibility, agility and competitiveness.

  • Scalability and Flexibility
    Whether your financial institution needs volume scalability (from a few thousand to more than 10 million customers), development flexibility, speed to market, real-time processing or requires a centralized or decentralized business model, Alnova Financial Solutions can help you achieve your business transformation goals.

  • Reliability
    Alnova Financial Solutions is field tested and proven. Installed at more than a hundred banks in more than 20 countries, Alnova Financial Solutions is a reliable, widely-used platform.

  • Modularity
    The modularity of Alnova Financial Solutions allows for a full implementation of the global suite or single module integrations to existing legacy systems for specific business units or distribution channels.

  • Off-the-shelf Solution
    Developed for banks that want the convenience of an off-the-shelf solution with the flexibility of a fully custom system, Alnova Financial Solutions is one of the most complete construction accelerator solutions available.

  • Support for multiple platforms
    Alnova Financial Solutions is available on Unix/Linux and mainframe.

Why Accenture

Accenture believes banks that successfully address these imperatives will be positioned to be tomorrow’s high-performance businesses.

  • Improved efficiency
    Accenture experience shows that Alnova Financial Solutions can help banks achieve leading cost-efficiency ratios: today major clients are averaging percentages in the
    low-  to mid- 40s.

  • Profitable growth
    Alnova Financial Solutions helps banks attain profitable growth by responding to shareholder and customer demands. Accenture clients can increase cross-sell rates, with each client buying up to six products as compared with the market average of two.

  • Flexibility and Agility
    Alnova Financial Solutions employs modular, JAVA-based solution design making it more readily and rapidly configured to a bank's unique business, customer and technology environment, thus helping create a more agile business and technology environment.

  • Speed to Market
    Alnova Financial Solutions offers multiple avenues to help speed development and reduce costs including increased standardization and preconfigured solutions.

  • Improved loyalty, reduced risk
    Proven capabilities help banks increase customer acquisition and loyalty, reduce time to market for new products, improve their businesses and apply their brand management and multi-channel integration strategies to achieve high performance—all with reduced risk.

  • Enhanced Revenue Generation Services
    Alnova Financial Solutions provides banks enhanced capabilities to help seize revenue-generating opportunities through such areas as personalized offerings and customized pricing, product bundling, cross selling, and multichannel capabilities including mobility and Internet.

Alnova Financial Solutions is recognized for its industry-leading breadth of functionality including:

  • Flexible, highly configurable, open multichannel technical architecture aligned to advanced IT standards, including UNIX, Java and technical platform protocols.

  • Rich comprehensive front-end functionality industrializing the sales process while providing customers a seamless experience across all channels.

  • SOA-based banking functionality for integration into portals and third-party front ends.

  • A dedicated banking customer relationship management solution that allows the bank to identify and focus on the needs of discrete client segments.

  • Predictable, progressive implementation processes that align IT with operational models by applying Accenture's experience in banking industry and systems integration projects.

  • A customer-centric, modular solution for banking operations offering online and real-time processing allowing services to be monitored and systematically improved.

  • Straight-through processing (STP) and other forms of business process automation to help minimize duplicate entries and human intervention.