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Agribusiness: Investment management

Accenture has helped the leading global agribusinesses with investment management strategies that accelerate production in the most efficient ways​​​

To best capitalize on the growing demand for agricultural products, including the recent spike in demand for clean biofuels, agribusinesses require comprehensive strategies that allow for diversification of growth.

Accenture has helped the world’s leading global agribusinesses with investment management strategies that most efficiently accelerate production. Accenture offers consulting services to help realize new ideas, design new operating models and create opportunities for growth.

Mergers and Acquisitions
In an era when mergers and acquisitions are mandatory to maintain profitable growth, top performing agribusinesses evaluate potential acquisitions carefully and integrate new companies quickly and seamlessly. Accenture has a range of services to help in all areas of the deal cycle—from building a strategic roadmap to operational integration. With unmatched M&A leadership, our highly efficient, proven processes are scalable and can be used to help clients create their own in-house capabilities with processes and platforms that can be applied to all stages of M&A. As a result, organizations realize more value while being able to concentrate on their normal day-to-day business.

Portfolio Management
As agribusiness is growing through many different initiatives, it’s important to decide where and when to make investments. Having a well-shaped portfolio management capability is crucial to ensure the right investments are made by applying structured and standardized go/no-go decisions to new and current initiatives. Accenture provides services in helping clients plan and manage their investment project portfolio, and to build their portfolio management capability.

Capital Investment Management
Asset-intensive companies such as agribusinesses need to build and operate production facilities and assets reliably, safely, and cost-effectively. In recent years, this has become increasingly difficult due to issues such as aging assets, workforce trends, the complexity of capital projects and increasingly rigorous environmental, health and safety standards.

Accenture provides agribusiness with a comprehensive capability for new plant strategy, permitting, engineering, procurement and construction. For operating facilities Accenture offers services to help reduce operating costs, improve asset reliability and optimize production performance.