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Accenture Workforce Optimization Services

Increase productivity, improve quality and change culture; our services and methodologies are supported by the StandardsPro Suite of tools and assets.


Accenture’s workforce optimization offering is a fact-based methodical framework that drives organizational transformation. Our approach:

  • Engineered and process-oriented

  • Decisions are made based on data & facts vs. opinion & conjecture

  • Invest in tools / technology to speed client value delivery

  • Deliver not just a project, but a proven framework for organizational transformation

  • Implementation must drive results in distribution network

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Why Accenture

Accenture provides services, software products and training assets to help create an efficient, organized workplace where people can work productively. Typical benefits and results include:

Increased Productivity

  • Improved productivity - typically results in 5 – 20%

  • Standardized methods minimizing training and ramp-up

  • Standard expectations - allowing a focus on execution

Improved Quality

  • Quality is defined, measured and recognized

  • Standardized processes create repeatable results

  • Workforce and supervisory training reinforce methods

Changed Culture

  • Fair and reasonable expectations enhance satisfaction

  • Incentives and rewards create a motivated workforce

  • Develops an empowered workforce and a culture of continuous improvement

Specific Services

Our services focus on preparing leadership, the workforce and the workplace:

  • Establish the work methods and visual guides so people know how to do the job most effectively

  • Set standards so people know what is expected

  • Implement labor planning, staffing, and performance reporting tools to put the right people in the right place at the right time doing the right things

  • Prepare managers to solve problems, coach the workforce and manage performance


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