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Accenture and OBS: A strategic alliance on cloud

Accenture and Orange Business Services (OBS) have created a strategic alliance on Cloud to empower their clients’ digital transformation.


This alliance will enable all organizations to optimize their costs and resources, increase their business agility and guarantee performance and security. You will also find some key facts and discover how Accenture and OBS bring their core capabilities together to address technological ambitions to all types of organizations with maximum flexibility.

Read how Accenture Cloud Services offers cloud computing solutions to organizations looking to achieve high performance through cloud computing technologies.

Why the Alliance

The alliance between Accenture and OBS on the cloud allows you to:
  • Reduced TCO by 20%-40% in average by moving to the cloud

  • Faster provisioning of servers for business applications – from months to hours

  • Around 40% of processes identified to transfer to a cloud based model: public, private or hybrid

*TCO: Total Cost of Ownership