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Testing to ensure applications and devices are enterprise-ready

Become a high-velocity, software-driven business with Accenture apps and device testing solutions.


Accenture offers the entire breadth and depth of testing strategy and execution services—from core to specialized to digital transformation—across a broad array of applications, supported by an automated, proprietary testing framework.

Managing the Growing "Appification" of Business

In Accenture’s experience, there are six keys to getting enterprise apps right.



Our mobile application and device testing services utilize an array of applications, supported by an automated, proprietary testing framework.


Poste Italiane: Revolutionizing its business with PosteMobile, a Mobile Virtual Network

Poste Italiane, a leading provider of postal services, integrated communication, logistics and financial services and products throughout Italy, chose Accenture for the important role of Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE), based on a strong existing relationship, our deep industry experience and our proven assets including the Accenture MVNO Accelerator Solution.

Latest thinking

A Focus on Value: Mobile Commerce

For consumers and merchants to switch to mobile payments, there should be a focus on how digital commerce ecosystem providers can work together to generate greater value across the consumer purchase journey, and how a robust technology platform is vital to such collaboration.

The mobile payment marketplace is still in its infancy. Yet many believe that’s likely to change, and when it does, mobile payments will take off fast.

Overall, significant growth will be aided through a concerted focus on the larger value equation inherent in the consumer journey. If the entire digital commerce ecosystem—supported by the right technology platform—can work together to make mobile commerce compelling, the future of mobile payments solutions should be very interesting to watch.


Our broad and deep experience

  • We offer a broad range of proven, end-to-end capabilities in planning, implementing and managing mobility and IoT solutions.

  • Our skills and capabilities have been further honed through our growing portfolio of more than 7,700 projects, including more than 1,000 mobile apps developed.

Our scale, our people, and our partnerships

  • We can deliver globally, at scale, 24/7. We have a delivery presence in more than 30 countries through 17 delivery centers, capable of rapidly creating new solutions across any mobile platform.

  • Our rich ecosystem of partners enables us to provide leading-edge mobility solutions while always providing technology-agnostic, independent advice.

Our innovations and assets

  • We have developed a suite of proprietary tools and capabilities to accelerate mobility adoption for our clients including the Accenture Connected Platforms as a Service.

  • Accenture Mobility has over 170 patents globally and a similar number of patent applications pending for mobility-related inventions.

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