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Field installation & repair service transformation

Effectively managing field operations while improving the customer experience​.


Accenture Field Installation & Repair Services Transformation: Effectively Managing Field Operations While Improving the Customer Experience

Full connectivity, mobility and big data are rapidly changing customers’ behaviors, needs and expectations. To stay abreast, leading communications service providers (CSPs) are pursuing improved agility, flexibility and productivity while striving to reduce operating costs. And the bar is raised for customer service.

Recent Accenture consumer research reveals that customers’ frustration with field service is creating real problems and threatening to affect the very nature of the provider-customer relationship:

  • Nearly three in four customers (73%) indicate that service appointments take longer than promised and that issues are not being resolved during the first visit.
  • More than four in five customers (81%) say that their experience with the repair or service technician impacts their overall trust in the provider or its brand.
  • One-half of customers state that the main reason to switch providers is the quality of customer service.
  • Only one in four customers say they trust the company with whom they have a relationship.

Initiatives to achieve transformation in customer and field service organizations have typically proven to be long and complex, posing further challenges for the introduction of innovative processes that could drive improvements in customer service.

The solution? Accenture Field Installation & Repair Services Transformation (FIRST). It is an integrated framework of services supported by a robust, scalable and flexible digital platform and cutting-edge advanced analytics practices. Cloud based and delivered as a service, FIRST enables CSPs to improve field performance, operate with improved agility and effectiveness, and deliver an improved customer experience.

The technology and functionality to support key processes are already in place and can be rapidly customized to meet specific provider needs. FIRST can fully transform CSPs’ network customer service operations in a five-to-eight-month timeframe, leading to faster implementation and the realization of benefits 12 to 18 months sooner than when using traditional methods.

As the new, interconnected digital world continues to evolve, pressures on communications service providers (CSPs) are evolving along with it. Full connectivity, mobility and big data are rapidly changing customers’ behaviors, needs and expectations. To stay abreast of these expectations, leading CSPs are pursuing dramatically improved agility, flexibility and productivity—while also striving to reduce operating costs in order to enable needed investment in improved quality of service.