In brief

In brief

  • Aerospace and defense companies moving to the digital future need to address risks that come with operating as connected, data-driven enterprises.
  • 75 percent of aerospace and defense executives believe cybersecurity risks will grow substantially as they adopt new and enhanced business technologies.
  • To become cyber resilient, aerospace and defense companies must infuse security into everything they—and their ecosystem partners—do.

As they move ever faster toward a digital future, aerospace and defense companies are embracing a wide range of new technologies—from the IoT to AI and Cloud, to Smart products—to drive top-and bottom-line growth. Connected 24/7 to a wide range of ecosystem partners, companies are collaborating and sharing more data than ever before. But as they transform into fully digital enterprises, they are also creating new and growing vulnerabilities and risks from cyber threats.

Every aerospace and defense company must address the growing gap between the risks that digital creates and their current cybersecurity posture. That means they need to embed security into everything they do. How? By developing a coherent, end-to-end cybersecurity strategy and investment plan, along with action and education to infuse security across the workforce, customer, strategic partners, third parties and industry alliances.


of aerospace and defense executives say AI will increase cyber risk.


say the amount of sensitive or confidential data exchanged with ecosystem partners will increase.


bring in the CISO before a new business is considered.


agree that cybersecurity should be dispersed across the business, but 79% say cybersecurity is still centralized.

Protect the future

Weave security into the business’s fabric

Business leaders must become "resilience leaders," weaving cybersecurity into everything the business does, at every level.

Engage CISO early

The CISOs must be empowered to work closely with the business on their growth and transformation initiatives.

Make all people part of the solution

All employees must become part of the solution, with training and incentives to foster a pervasive security-first mindset.

Help customers to help themselves

Become advocates for customer protection, growing trust by helping customers to protect themselves.

Secure beyond four walls

Think beyond the enterprise to extend protection across the ecosystem.

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John Schmidt

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Global

Marc Gelle

Senior Managing Director – Aerospace & Defense, Europe


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