In brief

In brief

  • Recent research shows that only about 13 percent of companies achieved both top-line and bottom-line growth with digital transformation.
  • Companies report that they frequently see lower growth or profit improvement—as well as value leakage—from their transformation.
  • Accenture developed a value capture methodology—the Value Creation Office—to help companies achieve greater value from their transformations.

Is your enterprise transformation failing to deliver the business value you expected, either in anticipated growth or profit improvement? If so, you’re not alone, and a Value Creation Office (VCO) may be the answer.

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Help is on the way

Using a structured, holistic approach, a Value Creation Office can help guide your transformation by applying data and insights to unlock efficiencies and identify levers to pull to redirect investments or resources in real time during a transformation.

"The VCO in our transformation helped create the conditions and discipline to accelerate profitable growth, improve portfolio transformations, make strategic acquisitions and invest in new capabilities and talent development."

— Rui Barbas, Chief Strategy Officer – Nestlé USA

Methodology for success

Creating a long-term, sustainable and successful VCO generally involves three key components:

Master data management and benchmarking

The VCO leads efforts to develop the baseline and master data for all value targeting activities, which are used for measuring transformation value.

Value calculation and reporting

The VCO’s data-driven reporting process will provide decision makers with transparency to current financials, allowing for proactive decision making.

Control and monitoring

The VCO captures value by ensuring tight integration into the financial planning, including forecasting, and the analysis process.

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Getting started

Whether you’re just starting to think about a business transformation or are in the midst of one that’s not delivering the value you expected, we can help assess your situation and objectives and determine whether a VCO can help you create a strategic integrated approach to tracking, analyzing and reporting on the value your efforts are creating.

Tap into our experience of helping companies from a wide variety of industries transform their processes and cost structures to be more agile, innovative and successful.

Ale Bossi

Managing Director CFO & Enterprise Value – North America

Eric Brandon

Senior Manager – CFO & Enterprise Value


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