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The new age of mobility

Learn how advances in mobile devices are transforming channels of convenience to the primary means of digital interaction anywhere around the globe.


Advances in smartphones and other mobile devices are transforming them from channels of convenience to the primary means of digital interaction. Mobility will not just connect more of the marketplace to the Web, but also offer advantages previously impossible in e-commerce. By putting mobility at the heart of their product and their organizational processes, companies will better engage both customers and employees.

No longer simply tools of convenience or expensive toys, mobile devices for many people are becoming the main channels for digital connection. Their power and adaptability has convinced hundreds of millions of users— and not just young people— to abandon laptops or leapfrog past them altogether. The result is instantaneous, engaging and deep connectivity at all times of the day.

…Accenture delivered a first-of-its-kind mobile app that was downloaded by tens of thousands of Rugby fans, and provided a unique fan experience. We are delighted with our partnership and look forward to what our ongoing relationship will bring.


Chief Executive Officer 

Australian Rugby Union


Mobile life opens up myriad possibilities for companies, in both commerce and the workplace. By enabling connections anytime, and making productive use of the dead time that comes even in busy lives, these devices enable far more frequent and multi-dimensional interaction than was practical before.

Insurance companies already encourage policyholders in a car accident to send pictures of the damage from the scene, complete with time and GPS stamps.

Creative sellers will make it easy to shop during otherwise wasted time.

Tesco in Korea turned some subway stations into virtual grocery stores in a campaign to boost online sales. While commuters waited for their train, they were encouraged to run their phones over items they would like to buy on large digital wall screens. The goods were then delivered later that day to their homes.

Mobile lives will make marketing easier. Companies with short-term excess capacity, for example, can send time-sensitive discounts only to willing consumers who happen to be traveling near their stores.


What can your company do to reach this lucrative ecosystem ahead of your competition?

First, make sure your organization is mobile-friendly. Some companies still see mobility as a danger and limit employees’ use of smartphones. That can turn away just the sort of people that companies most need.

Next, shift to a mindset that draws in the energies of employees, especially younger ones. Minimize your top-down dictates and take the time to work with mobile-minded employees. Remember, the goal is to develop policies that respect essential security needs while fostering versatile communication and collaboration.

Last, future advances will make what is already an engaging and accessible environment only more so. Mobile functionality will extend beyond what we can now imagine. Whether your company benefits from mobile life, or your rivals use it to pass you by, depends on how quickly you can learn and adapt to this new and exciting reality.


Growing the Digital Business: Accenture Mobility Research 2015

Mobile technologies are playing a significant role in digital transformation across both consumers and the enterprise.



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Accenture Innovation Centers for Mobility

Our Accenture Innovation Centers for Mobility around the world enable companies from all industries to experience the power of mobility firsthand and:

- Learn about the latest mobility trends and innovations

- Explore mobile technologies in an engaging and interactive way

- Collaborate with Accenture experts on how your business can embrace mobility to deliver measurable and sustainable results

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Accenture Innovation Centers for Mobility

Our Accenture Innovation Centers for Mobility around the world enable companies from all industries to experience the power of mobility firsthand.

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