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Technology Vision for Oracle

We apply the lens of Accenture’s and Oracle’s blended expertise to demonstrate how our combined approach maps to the six technology vectors described in the Accenture Technology Vision 2014.



Every year Accenture publishes the well-known Technology Vision report—and just as the report provides a richly detailed view from which business leaders in every industry can draw insight and inspiration about where digital technologies can take their organizations—this Accenture-Oracle summary points to the many practical ways in which those leaders can act now to realize their digital aspirations.

We pose a number of “must-ask” questions for IT executives that cut to the essence of leveraging the powers of technology to stay competitive.

If you’re running a global business, the next few years will determine your place in the digital world. The first-movers are already capitalizing on new technology in ways that promise to upend expectations of industry and consumers.

These fast-moving technology frontiers include the digital-physical “blur,” the push for architected resilience and unlocking the data beast within.

New momentum in digital innovation is being driven not by the Instagrams, TripAdvisors and Airbnbs. It’s the Tescos, GEs and Disneys rewriting the digital playbook.

Key Findings & Trends

As intelligence moves to the “edge,” digital blurs with physical
You’ve heard of the “Internet of Things?” It’s here. The wave of intelligent interfaces allows more and more decisions to be made on the “edge,” or the point where digital and physical worlds converge.

Tapping the workforce you never knew you had
Imagine a “dream team” workforce—one that can deftly handle virtually every task you need done and comes without the challenges of the traditional employer-employee arrangement.

Unlocking value from the data supply chain
Businesses are swimming in data-more than they know what to do with. To truly unlock value, data must be treated more as a supply chain, putting it into circulation and enabling it to flow easily through the entire organization.

Hardware matters again (a lot)
After at least a decade out of the spotlight, hardware has re-emerged as a hotbed of new development as demand soars for bigger, faster lower-cost data centers. In fact, hardware is becoming a crucial consideration as businesses go digital.

Business software that’s more like apps
Android phone users have access to more than 1.1 million apps—more than 900,000 of them free and nearly 60,000 of those categorized for “business.” Imagine the possibilities if enterprises had comparable access to such low-cost, easily deployed applications. There is real movement in that direction. The way businesses build software is changing, mimicking the consumer world.

Resilience is about having no downtime
Downtime in data centers costs 41 percent more than it did just four years ago. That alone ought to stop most IT leaders in their tracks.

Why Accenture & Oracle

Accenture and Oracle see eye to eye on how to help accelerate the digital directions of the biggest companies.

It’s not important whether that alignment is best demonstrated by the Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle, or by Accenture’s embrace of pre-engineered solutions such as Oracle Big Data Appliance, or by the cutting-edge work of the Accenture Analytics Innovation Center. What really matters is that both partners share a vision of a digital future that is broader still than that glimpsed by the new breed of corporate digerati.

We offer one of the strongest alliances in the IT services sector, having delivered Oracle-based solutions in almost every industry for more than 23 years.

With deep insights, proven experience, industrialized delivery capabilities and more than 52,000 Oracle-skilled professionals around the globe, we are uniquely qualified to provide strategy, implementation, upgrade, and application-outsourcing solutions across the entire Oracle suite.

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