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Service experience engineering & management:

Helping assure a superior customer experience of the network


Service Experience Engineering & Management: Helping Assure a Superior Customer Experience of the Network

Communication services—and their supporting networks— have already been transformed from being an enabling capability for business transactions and entertainment to a mission-critical element of many people’s daily lives. Traditional methods for measuring and assuring customers’ experience of the network have proven to be inadequate. While significant CAPEX is invested in the network, there is little assurance that this expenditure can actually be correlated to the customer experience. At the same time, KPIs for service and experience assurance have ultimately proven unreliable.

To address these interrelated needs, Accenture offers Service Experience Engineering & Management (SEEM) Services. SEEM offers a transformation roadmap for the process of managing both the network itself and the customer experience of the network. It enables providers to run network operations with analytics-driven, customer-centric insights. SEEM offers a number of platform-driven engineering and operational services that help digital CSPs optimize their service performance, reduce their engineering and operational costs and optimize their network assets.

Achieving this transformation is an extremely complex task. Accenture will help CSPs make the move from a traditional network to a digital network by providing an integrated approach to managing the network, network services and the consumer experience. With SEEM, CSPs have a way to secure and maintain a growing percentage of Customer Lifetime Value.

Accenture research reveals a serious challenge for CSPs’ approaches to network quality management—given emerging issues with customers’ actual experience, which are likely to grow.

A recent Accenture survey shows that CSPs’ network directors understand the importance of the network to the user experience.