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Highlights from the 2015 Accenture holiday shopping survey

Consumers are optimistic about holiday shopping season

The 2015 Accenture holiday shopping survey finds that consumers around the globe are enthusiastic about shopping this holiday season—both in store and online. We surveyed consumers in Brazil, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and the United States to learn about their holiday shopping preferences and behaviors—and our results show many similarities, yet many differences among these geographies.1

Survey results indicated that:

Consumers planning to shop on popular shopping days this season. Consumers will be shopping on Thanksgiving (47 percent in Canada and 50 percent in the US) and on Black Friday (86 percent in Brazil, 60 percent in Canada and 63 percent in the US). Canadian consumers will also be shopping in force (64 percent) on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

Technology enhancements are important to the in-store experience. Consumers ranked certain technology enhancements as “important.” Digital coupons ranked highest across all countries surveyed (Brazil 58 percent, Canada 51 percent, China 57 percent, UK 38 percent and the US at 54 percent). Self-service payment options also ranked as important, but in China, consumers place higher importance on interactive features such as digital menus (56 percent) and in Brazil, they place higher importance on kiosks (55 percent).

Mobile is not the preferred method to shop. When consumers were asked their preferred channel for holiday shopping this year, 47 percent said they prefer to shop online using a laptop, smartphone or tablet. Interestingly, mobile ranked lowest. Only two percent prefer to shop via mobile phone in Brazil, Canada and the US, and one percent in the UK. China differed slightly with 13 percent preferring to shop via their mobile phone for the majority of their holiday shopping. Across the board, consumers cite privacy and security issues as a major reason for not shopping on mobile devices (Brazil 49 percent, Canada 38 percent, China 61 percent, UK 39 percent and US 43 percent). Is your website optimized for mobile?

Data security is a tradeoff. Despite concerns about privacy and security issues, consumers are increasingly open to sharing personal information in order to receive personalized offers. Those who are “very likely” to make such a tradeoff are: 66 percent in Brazil, 46 percent in Canada, 73 percent in China and 51 percent in the US. The lowest percent of consumers willing to share personal data for offers was in the UK, with only 34 percent likely to make the trade.

1The Accenture Holiday Shopping Survey 2015 surveyed more than 7,500 consumers in Brazil, Canada, China, the United Kingdom and the United States (1,500+ in each of the 5 countries).