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CPG sales leaders go multichannel: A guide to CPG sales and channel management in a digital world. Read the report.


In a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting, Inc. on behalf of Accenture, we evaluated the opportunity for CPG sales leaders to drive more profitable sales through a seamless multichannel approach that increasingly leverages digital technologies in traditional sales. Forrester developed a quantitative survey to test the assertion that brands will struggle to drive profitable sales growth in the future without a consistent, relevant and timely consumer experience across multiple sales channels, including digital and traditional. We found that CPG manufacturers will have to integrate direct-to-consumer marketing and direct-to-consumer selling, as well as traditional consumer selling, to deliver consistently relevant interactions that drive sales and loyalty. This will require greater internal integration across marketing, sales, service, supply chain and research and development (R&D).


Results from in-depth surveys with 56 CPG heads of sales at the VP or chief sales officer level, along with 75 sales leaders at the account director level, show that sales leaders are keenly aware of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. While they expect smoother new product introductions and better coordinated promotional campaigns, they see challenges in the quality of data available and in the integration of departmental and channel initiatives.

Forrester’s study yielded four key findings:

  • Marketing and sales do not agree about barriers to cross-channel selling.

  • In-store selling must adopt online engagement best practices and vice versa.

  • Digital collaboration drives sell-through.

  • CPG brands use digital channels to serve new markets.


Accenture sat down with George Lawrie of Forrester Research to discuss digitizing sales and channel management for CPG companies.​