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Younger consumers do not shop for health insurance in the same way that they shop for most other products: by digital means and on their own. They are significantly less familiar than older shoppers with the health insurance buying process and about 30 percent more likely to be confused enough by their choices to seek live assistance. All of which suggests that HIX managers and insurers who would like to attract the young to less costly channels will need to rethink their approach. Accenture surveyed 3,011 adults in the United States to gain insight into the buying behaviors and attitudes of public health insurance exchange consumers. VIEW ARTICLE
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Younger consumers are, of course, highly desirable. But the evidence suggests that once consumers choose a shopping channel, they tend to stick with it: 83 percent of the consumers who actively shopped and purchased used the same enrollment channel from one year to the next. Exchanges and insurers will need to apply innovative strategies to succeed at attracting and retaining the young while simultaneously guiding them to less costly channels.