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6 ways digital will change the game in engineering and construction

The digital revolution is disrupting the engineering and construction.


Digital provides engineering & construction companies with new opportunities in facing multiple challenges of the VUCA
Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

From "brick & mortar" to "brick & click," what does digital bring to engineering & construction industry?

6 ways digital will change the game in engineering & construction



Over the last 10 years, engineering & construction companies succeeded in pushing up their boundaries through geographical expansion and business diversification.

This is no longer sufficient to answer new challenges of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertain, Complexity and Ambiguous) environment. The digital revolution is disrupting engineering & construction industry:

  • As key actors of urbanization, E&C companies are in direct relationship with connected residents and customers, which have greater digital expectations

  • E&C companies deliver complex work, including more and more technology to answer their clients digital needs: connected stadium or train station, intelligent home…

  • They implement the changes linked to the new sustainable development regulations and opportunities

  • Men and equipment are more and more connected, generating a large amount of data to be analyzed and exploited

Let's see how digital offers E&C companies major opportunities to generate profitable growth while delivering new services for public bodies and for end customers.

Key Findings


Jean Nicolas Brun

Managing Director
Leader of Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Infrastructure & Construction Industries in Gallia

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Grégory Christophe

Managing Director
Leader of Infrastructure & Construction Industries in France

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