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Greater profitability, ready for takeoff

Accenture 2015 Air Cargo survey illustrates how software capabilities can help overcome slow growth and inefficiencies.

Key Findings

Cargo carriers want and need better tools to help optimize revenue in a difficult economic landscape.

According to our survey, only one in four cargo executives believe they’re fully optimizing revenue; half are actively seeking better pricing and reservations software to improve real-time visibility into utilization and price integrity across the quote-to-cash cycle.

Our research also showed the industry increasingly seeking a specific antidote: Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions


Carriers are struggling to maintain price integrity. Inaccurate and inconsistent pricing is one of the principal causes of revenue leakage across the industry.


Video summary

Explore key challenges identified across the industry and discover the top 3 improvements to help optimize revenue:

Our Recommendations

Our research clearly demonstrates the need for better software tools.

For an industry that transports more than $6.8 trillion in goods a year, new software capabilities provide the right answers at the right time.

By helping to prevent revenue leakage, these solutions create exciting opportunities to fuel growth in a tough operating environment.

Early adopters have seen the benefits, and we expect to see more carriers taking advantage of the advanced platforms now available.

Many carriers are already taking action through SaaS cargo management solutions that enable flexibility, agility and cost-efficiency.