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Technology Vision for Oracle 2015

Discover how Accenture and Oracle are applying their unique strengths to enable organizations to confidently gain momentum in the digital age.


In 2014, Accenture launched our first Technology Vision for Oracle to demonstrate how Accenture and Oracle see eye to eye on how to help accelerate the digital directions of some of the world's biggest companies.

In 2015, we’ve once again applied the lens of Accenture’s and Oracle’s deep expertise to show how our combined approach maps to the five technology trends described in the Technology Vision 2015 report.

This time, the big question is about what business leaders will do with their digital advantage—and how they can, and will, stretch their boundaries to achieve competitive advantage. The Technology Vision 2015 report reveals that pioneering enterprises are creating a hyper-connected world where companies, consumers and even everyday objects have instant capabilities to act and interact with each other digitally across the globe. Putting it another way, they are mastering the shift from “me” to “we,” giving life to the new “We Economy.”


Accenture and Oracle understand the We Economy very well. We apply our unique strengths to enable organizations to confidently gain momentum in the digital age, and to work effectively across company and industry boundaries in the We Economy. We stay rooted in the reality that most organizations still operate in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) world, where rip-and-replace is not an option. But we continue to provide practical paths for digital transformation out of the traditional ERP realm.

Already, 62 percent of organizations polled in Accenture’s Technology Vision 2015 survey are investing in digital technologies and 35 percent are comprehensively investing in digital as part of their overall business strategy. Our survey revealed that more and more enterprises now see themselves connected to a digital fabric that has the potential to touch all the aspects of their business, their customer relationships and the world around them.

Accenture and Oracle will be there to support them on the next stage of that exciting journey.

Key Findings

Our Technology Vision for Oracle 2015 reveals five, key trends:

  1. The Outcome Economy: The hardware foundations to give customers what they really want. Leading businesses are using hardware at the edge—where digital and physical worlds intersect—to get closer to their customers as a differentiator, and as a way to enter new markets. Here, Oracle’s “simplifying IT” philosophy, implemented by Accenture, effectively counters the rising complexity that happens as hardware moves to the edge.

  2. Intelligent Enterprise: Big data + smart systems = better business. Accenture and Oracle are enabling the intelligent enterprise with database technology, cloud computing and software intelligence.

  3. The Platform (R)evolution: Growing more with platforms than with brands and solutions. We explore the development of technology-based industry platforms that will increasingly create new kinds of products, value and differentiation for buyers and sellers across the entire supply chain.

  4. The Internet of Me: Personalizing every experience, every day. There’s a rapid shift toward the personalization of everything—what Accenture calls the “Internet of Me.” We look at Accenture’s and Oracle’s responses with customer experience solutions.

  5. Workforce Reimagined: Simplifying the collaboration between humans and machines. Putting the future workforce under the microscope, discover how Accenture and Oracle can help the growing number of companies that are getting ready for a time when humans and intelligent machines share workspace and learn from each other.

Download a copy of the Technology Vision for Oracle 2015.


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