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Next generation operations summit

June 21 – 23, 2017


Emerging from the disruptive forces of global regulatory flux, cyber-security risk, machine learning, process automation and liquid customer expectations is the promise of the next generation of supply chain business models. In this digital era, chief operating officers and chief supply chain officers have an unprecedented opportunity to harness new business models and be on the forefront of growth and enterprise value.

Yet realizing the potential of emerging ideas has always been difficult. Particularly for path-breaking innovations with transformative potential the road to implementation can be filled with obstacles, twists and turns, and dead-ends. It begs the question: How can supply chain leaders break through barriers and leverage new business models to improve capacity, elevate customer experience, and increase enterprise value?

To help current and next generation supply chain leaders meet the demands of this digital era, Accenture Strategy collaborated with the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard and Leadership for a Networked World to convene the 2017 Next Generation Operations Summit.

"Disruption is the new normal. In fact, 88 percent of the summit participants reported expecting extreme or significant change over the next couple of years. The next generation of Chief Supply Chain Officers must be prepared to lead in pivoting their operations to the new."


Senior Managing Director - Accenture Strategy, Supply Chain & Operations Strategy




This exclusive, invitation-only event brought select private sector operations and supply chain executives, industry experts, and leading academics together to understand the changing environment in supply chain strategy, share ideas on emerging business models, and prepare the next generation of supply chain leaders.

Watch Accenture Strategy's Kris Timmermans and Harvard's Dr. Antonio Oftelie share insights and learnings from the session.



Kris Timmermans

Kris Timmermans
Senior Managing Director - Accenture Strategy, Supply Chain & Operations Strategy

Kris Timmermans is a senior managing director for Supply Chain & Operations Strategy within Accenture Strategy. In this role he helps clients develop dynamic supply chain and operations strategies to more rapidly respond to changing customer demands, create competitive advantage and generate greater value for their organizations.

Mr. Timmermans has more than 25 years of industry and consulting experience. Prior to his current role, Mr. Timmermans developed the Accenture procurement practice with a specialist team of more than 10,000 people. He has led a large number of global procurement and cost management transformations for a variety of organizations across a range of industries, including consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

He has authored many articles on procurement strategy and design and has been a frequent contributor to relevant industry publications, such as Procurement Leaders magazine. Recent publications from Mr. Timmermans include: "The X Factor Competitive Agility", "Digital trendsetters: Secrets of the most successful digital supply chains", "Chief supply chain officers: Do you know where your weakest link is? "and "The broken link: Why cost reduction efforts fail to fuel growth."

Mr. Timmermans has a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering undertaken at two universities: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, United States. He is based in Belgium.