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Skills to Succeed Skills to Succeed – Enabling employment and entrepreneurship solutions

Skills To Succeed, Powered By Our People

Our corporate citizenship initiative, Skills to Succeed, advances employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals around the globe. We are leveraging digital innovation to drive impact at scale and help close skills and employment gaps for vulnerable and marginalized people around the world. Our people consider giving back to their communities a key part of what makes Accenture a great place to grow careers. Skills to Succeed is powered by our people, who have an impact through 5 different ways:


  • Volunteering
    Volunteering Multiple opportunities for our employees to coach or mentor unemployed people or young entrepreneurs.
  • Pro Bono Consulting & Services
    Pro Bono Consulting & Services Helping our strategic Skills to Succeed partners to professionalize their activities and increase their social impact.
  • Accenture Development Partnerships
    Accenture Development Partnerships Channeling the skills and capabilities of Accenture people to strengthen development organizations around the globe.
  • Giving Through You
    Giving Through You Each year, Accenture rewards engaged employees with financial support for their social projects that positively impact employment.
  • Micro Loan
    Micro Loan Our employees support micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries with loans to develop their businesses.

Our Engaged Employees

Arnaud Denewet

Through pro bono, I can have a bigger impact via my skills than doing other charitable work where my knowledge and experience are limited. I like the Accenture approach: enabling people to do what they do the best and deliver great work while making a difference. It teaches you a lot about interpersonal relationships and the importance of putting yourself in the shoes of others. We have to adapt the way we communicate and invest more time in sharing our knowledge. This changes your perspective on what you usually do at clients. It’s a great opportunity to step back and think differently about the content of your job.

Arnaud Denewet

I’m very thankful for the opportunity I had to work with an NGO abroad via ADP. I really felt I could take up an advisory role, whilst still getting hands-on and co-creating solutions with people in the field. I experienced a lot of ownership and gained new skills. It was also a great way to be immersed in a different language and culture.

Camille De Bruyn

How difficult it must be to arrive in a country on your own, without any knowledge of the local culture. At Accenture, we were offered the opportunity to volunteer for a workshop with highly educated migrants who are following a 3-month integration course and looking for a job in Belgium. I’m passionate about discovering new cultures and learning from others. So, despite my role being to inform them about the Belgian professional culture, what I enjoyed most about this workshop was learning more about their backgrounds, their challenges and their ambitions for the future. It was great meeting them and their experiences have inspired me for life.

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Magali and Dany 

Magali Frankl

Corporate Citizenship Lead Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

Dany Delepierre

Corporate Citizenship Sponsor Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg

Silke Lepee

Environment Lead Accenture Belgium & Luxembourg