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In our increasingly complex world, business and society we need problem solvers who can identify key challenges and create new, transformative solutions.

Does this sound like you? Then you’ve come to the right place! Make sure you attend our Master Class, an exclusive gateway to a vibrant world of consulting and technology. You’ll gain insights into how Accenture catalyzes transformation in business and society to have impact where it matters most. Moreover, you’ll be coached by our experts to shape your innovative ideas and develop skills to build solutions that change the world.

  1. Develop yourself further in a professional context, beyond academic skills

  2. Expand your network

  3. Be part of a unique learning experience

  4. Interact with experts and broaden your business acumen and technology insights

  5. Enhance your track record and improve your curriculum

  6. Last but not least: Have fun!



Accenture Master Class 2017

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The Master Class consists of two rounds: a local and a national round.

  • The local round will take place at your current university in February. Exact dates differ per location. This round will test your skills in structuring, organizing and working in a team to come up with innovative ideas. You’ll meet Accenture employees and have the opportunity to get their feedback on your performance.

  • The national round will take place in March. The finalists will be invited to participate. Students will be selected based on their performance during the local rounds. During the national round, you’ll tackle a concrete business challenge in a structured way, guided by a coach. You will need to leverage the expertise of experts to draw up the solution to this challenge from both a business and technology perspective. This is a unique learning opportunity: a realistic simulation of a consulting project that will bring you deeper understanding of what you could to at Accenture.



The Accenture Master Class is open to all final year master students at the participating universities. Should you not yet meet this criterion, keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements of activities open to non-final year students.

To complete your registration, follow below steps:

  • Register

  • Be ready to share your CV when requested

In case of questions, don’t hesitate to contact


Date & Location

The local round will take place in February. Choose the date/location that suits you the best. See below the list.

  • 06/02: Campus Liège (in Accenture Office Brussel, shuttle bus from HEC Liège to Brussels foreseen)

  • 08/02: Campus ICHEC (in Accenture Office, Brussels)

  • 10/02: Campus Mons (in Dream Hotel Mons)

  • 12/02: Campus Antwerp (in Antwerp Management School)

  • 13/02: Campus Hasselt (in Campus Diepenbeek | Agoralaan gebouw D)

  • 14/02: Campus Leuven (in Leuven)

  • 15/02: Campus Vlerick (in Reep 1, 9000 Gent)

  • 15/02: Campus VUB/ULB/Solvay (in Accenture office, Brussels)

  • 15/02: Campus UCL (in Louvain La Neuve)

  • 15/02: Campus Namur (UNamur – Salle d’étude)


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