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Accenture Master Class

What's your solution to the challenges of business and society today?


Master Class 2016 - 2017

In our increasingly complex world, business and society need people who rise above the crowd. Structured problem solvers who can identify key challenges and combine seemingly unrelated ideas and disciplines to create new, transformative solutions. If this sounds like you, then you might have what it takes to become a high performer.

So make sure you attend our Master Class, the only graduate event where you can experience what high performance is really about. It's an exclusive gateway to a vibrant world of consulting and technology. You will gain privileged insight into how Accenture catalyzes transformation in business and society to have impact where it matters most. Moreover, you'll be coached by our top minds to shape your innovative ideas and develop skills to build solutions that change the world.

You've got it: if you're eager to become a high performer there's no excuse to miss the Accenture Master Class.

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Why should I participate?

If you're interested in the Master Class but still not convinced, consider the following:

  • Develop yourself: During the Master Class you will be coached by experienced Accenture consultants and managers with a significant track record in the world of business. They will provide advice on how you can develop yourself further in a professional context, beyond typical academic skills.

  • Expand your network: You'll get to know fellow students, recent graduates, and experienced Accenture people at every level, including our leadership. It's an excellent opportunity to enrich your personal network.

  • Be part of a unique learning experience: You'll be truly challenged to deliver the best solutions for real business problems. At the same time, you'll be challenged to start thinking differently about the problems facing business and society today.

  • Interact with experts: You'll be introduced to experts in the domain of your Master Class challenge. You can seek their advice and receive feedback on your ideas. This will broaden your business acumen and technology insights.

  • Enhance your track record: Participating in the Master Class is a worthwhile experience to add to your curriculum.

  • Have fun: Last but not least, there is room for some less serious activities at the Master Class!

    • Get to know potential future colleagues during an informal dinner.

    • Meet students from other universities in Belgium and exchange ideas with them.

    • Have a drink and meet people that recently started working and ask them what it's like to work at Accenture.

But don't take our word for it. Watch the video and check out the photos on Facebook.

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What to expect?

The Master Class consists of two rounds: a local round and a national round.

  • The local round will take place at your current university in February. Exact dates differ per location. This round will test your skills in structuring, organizing and working in a team to come up with innovative ideas. You'll meet Accenture employees and have the opportunity to get their feedback on your performance. It's an ideal opportunity to get to know Accenture. Please check the 'How to register' section for more details on the dates for each university

  • The national round will take place on March 10 & 11. The finalists will be invited to participate. Students will be selected based on their performance during the local rounds. During the national round, you'll tackle a concrete business challenge in a structured way guided by a coach. You will need to leverage the expertise of experts to draw up the solution to this challenge from both a business and a technology perspective. This is a unique learning opportunity: a realistic simulation of a consulting project that will bring you deeper understanding of what you could do at Accenture

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How to register?

The Accenture Master Class is open to all final year master students at the participating universities. Should you not yet meet this criterion, keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements of activities open to non-final years students.

To register, you are required to complete the following 4 steps:

University Location Date
Antwerp Sint-Jacobsmarkt
9-13, 2000
Ghent Reep 1, 9000
Hasselt Agoralaan
gebouw D, 3590
​ICHEC Boulevard de
Waterloo 16,
1000 Bruxelles
KUL Campus
26, 1000 Brussel
Leuven Vlamingenstraat
83, 3000 Leuven
Liège Rue Louvrex 14,
4000 Liège
Mons Dream Hotel,
Rue de la Grande
Triperie 17, 7000
​Namur Rempart de la
Vierge 8, 5000
​UCL Collège J.
Leclercq, Place
Montesquieu 1,
1348 Louvain-La-
ULB Boulevard de
Waterloo 16,
1000 Bruxelles
​VUB Waterloolaan 16,
1000 Brussel

And don't forget to let your friends know you're participating. You might end up at the Master Class together!

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