Business never stands still at this leading Belgian bank. In order to improve its services and the customer experience across its full agency network, the bank has been working intensively on the creation of a new application to optimize the end-to-end home loan request experience, both for bank agents and mortgage applicants.

Plans were well underway to train the bank’s agents in classroom sessions on how to transition to this new tool and ensure a smooth roll-out… until the coronavirus threatened to throw a spanner in the works.

Under these exceptional circumstances, the bank had to react fast. This meant fully digitizing course content and shifting the training to a virtual environment. It also meant preparing trainers and experts, with no previous experience of virtual delivery, to be able to train 600+ agents remotely. To do this, the bank joined forces with Accenture.

Collaboration, co-creation & transparency

Speed was of the essence. Thanks to the smooth onboarding, the trainers’ eagerness to learn and great collaboration between the bank and Accenture, all the training sessions took place on the foreseen dates, without any cancellations or delays.

Collaboration, co-creation and transparency were central to Accenture’s approach to helping the bank’s experienced and less-experienced trainers seamlessly switch from conducting training offline to online, with the same level of connection and interaction.

Accenture’s pragmatic and hands on support included:

  • A collaborative workshop on relevant digital tools and how to use them in remote working situations such as the COVID-19 crisis;
  • Training on the efficient use of Microsoft Teams;
  • Practical tips & tricks on how to organize dynamic virtual training sessions;
  • The organization of dry runs and debriefs, including 1:1 coaching of trainers to share feedback and best practices;
  • Last but not least, readiness surveys to follow up on the progress of each trainer’s confidence level.

Ready for the new normal

Thanks to this extensive guidance and coaching, the trainers felt confident and ready to conduct the virtual sessions. The overwhelmingly positive feedback showed that both trainers and agents were delighted with the results.

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"The coronavirus gave us some sleepless nights,” explains a bank representative. “We knew we had to act fast and convert all foreseen training events to a digital platform, but our trainers were very insecure about jumping into the unknown. Not only had they never worked with Microsoft Teams before, they had never facilitated training in a digital way. Thanks to Accenture’s quick response and flexibility, we were able to set up a training and coaching plan for everyone involved. The coaches gave our trainers the necessary skills to facilitate digital sessions, and above all, the necessary confidence to take a leap of faith with professional support by their side."

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The right approach to remote working and learning can ensure business continuity, and the bank has seized this momentum to accelerate the digitalization of all its training programs. Not only to support the roll-out of the new credit application as planned, but also to ensure the bank is ready for the new normal.

Want to know more about how to design & deliver successful virtual training programs?

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Adrien Kirschfink

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting

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