Each year, Accenture people in Belgium & Luxembourg can request financial support for social projects they are actively involved in. Their determination to make a difference is impressive. Our 3 Giving Through You 2019 laureates are no exception!

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Fonds Ngangi

Xavier Bauchau is a Management Consultant in Financial Services. He has been an active member of Fonds Ngangi since 2013, where he volunteers as Fundraising Manager and Talent Recruiter for the Belgian delegation of teachers. As first prize winner of Giving Through You 2019, Xavier’s Ngangi Summer School project receives an Accenture donation of €7000.

Xavier:Fonds Ngangi aims to support the development of the city of Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo) by exploiting the full potential of local youth to co-create the future of the city, via new jobs and local startups. One of our projects is the Ngangi Summer School, a three-week program to prepare and guide 25 to 30 talented high school students towards university. The first half of the Summer School program is composed of academic courses (like Mathematics, Economics and French). The second half is focused on developing their entrepreneurial spirit and orienting students in their choice of study. At the end of the three weeks, the 15 most talented students are invited to participate in the Program of Excellence, through which they receive a university scholarship as well as personal follow-up until they graduate.”

WAPA International

Outside her daily job as a Management Consultant, Antonella Pellizzari is an ambassador and volunteer for WAPA International (War-Affected People’s Association). In particular, she is closely involved in organizing one of its fundraising activities, the WAPA football league. Antonella’s NGO receives an Accenture donation of €5000 as second prize winner of Giving Through You 2019.

Antonella: “WAPA raises funds to support small local organizations in countries like Uganda, Sri Lanka and Colombia that help reintegrate the victims of armed conflict and strengthen skills, competencies and abilities of affected communities. This donation is destined for WAPA’s work in Sri Lanka, where we want to support the financial independence of WHHs (Women Headed Households). During 26 years of civil war, many Sri Lankan women were victims of forced relocation, violence, harassment, human and material loss. Men called to the front line left behind women and children with no financial support. There are now many thousands of WHHs around the country and the first difficulty these women face is securing a stable income to provide for their families. WAPA believes that the economic empowerment of these vulnerable women, through business skills teaching and microloans, is a powerful way to support the whole community and its recovery in post-war Sri Lanka.”

Beestig Wijs

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Chantal Van Opstal is an Accenture Technology Program and Project Management Specialist. Outside work, she volunteers at Beestig Wijs, a charity that brings people and dogs together to create new learning and entrepreneurship opportunities. As third prize winner of Giving Through You 2019, Chantal’s charity receives an Accenture donation of €3000.

Chantal: “Beestig Wijs has a dual mission. Firstly, it facilitates interactions between young people with mental or behavioral problems and dogs. The goal is to create new learning opportunities for these youngsters and to help them develop a sense of belonging in society and a meaningful path to the future. Secondly, Beestig Wijs gives social entrepreneurs a chance to use their passion for people and dogs by involving these youngsters in their social entrepreneurship story. Its business goals are socially driven: creating an impact and sustainable social values, generating 50% of revenues out of its economic activities and reinvesting any profit in its core mission. Accenture’s donation is being invested in a new, recently opened service center in Hasselt where young adults can develop their social entrepreneurship skills by coordinating and providing animal services to disadvantaged and homeless people, such as medical treatment for their pets, animal food, etc.” 

About Giving Through You

Accenture’s Giving Through You program is an important channel for increasing the impact our people have on reaching our global Skills to Succeed goal while helping them to secure extra funds for social causes close to their heart. Submissions are evaluated according to specific criteria (sustainability, innovation, impact, etc.,) and shortlisted projects present their case to the Corporate Citizenship jury, which selects the final laureates. 

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