The topic of manufacturing digitization has never been hotter, as we discovered at November’s SAP TECHED in Barcelona. Industry X.0 is here, and while it’s still early days, manufacturers would be wise to start rotating to the new future.

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Today, all companies face two major challenges. The first is the digital wave engulfing them from the outside in a rapidly changing business environment. The second is their readiness to deal with this wave on the inside.

To rotate to the new digital world, both these challenges need to be tackled simultaneously. This can only be done by understanding the technologies at play and having insight into the specifics of the industry in question.

In the emerging Industry X.0 space, Accenture not only shapes digital manufacturing strategies, but also builds real life, end-to-end working solutions with at their heart, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and real-time processing.

Where IT meets engineering

Driven by big data, the cloud and Artificial Intelligence, Industry X.0 will make it possible to create smart factories where intelligent, interconnected systems communicate with machines and products (as well as humans) along the entire value chain. The most innovative manufacturers will be able to create smart products and services that generate new growth and ensure their market position as disruptors rather than the disrupted.

Watch this short video where Eric Schaeffer, Accenture’s Global Industry & Products Lead explains more.

In the SAP space, Accenture’s full set of working templates in SAP HANA S4 and SAP Leonardo come with end-to-end processes setup. For example, our world leading connected manufacturing production, which covers the full order, planning, shop floor control, manufacturing and procurement cycles, in real time. Or our Global Accenture Intelligent Enterprise service that brings a suite of digital assets and the corresponding Agile approach to kick-start projects for our clients.

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Accenture’s Innovation Centers provide a physical environment in which manufacturers can envision and touch the future

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Enter with issues, leave with solutions

To make the IIoT tangible, Accenture’s Innovation Centers provide a physical environment in which manufacturers can envision and touch the future.

At our Garching Innovation Center in Germany, we use industrial design thinking, technology demos and a connected products Liquid Studio to rapidly prototype solutions. In this dedicated environment, we can explore issues and typical pitfalls with our clients then find solutions and new opportunities. We have also created a MES/PLC driven mini factory with real industrial equipment where end customers can configure their product on a hand-held device and trigger production and delivery in real time.

As we heard in Barcelona, technology advances are increasingly blurring the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds. Good reason for manufacturers to sit up, listen and act now.

Are you a manufacturer based in Belgium or Luxembourg? We’d be happy to discuss your manufacturing challenges. And if you would like to visit our Garthing Innovation Center in Germany, we’d be delighted to take you!

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