Each year, a diverse group of Accenture men and women volunteer to become Fit At WorkAmbassadorsand accept a group sporting challenge. Who are they in 2020 and what istheirchallenge?

Some of our 14 Ambassadors in 2020 are already sporty and want to up their game. Others want a helping hand to rebuild stamina or become more active. What they all have in common is that they need to conquer three disciplines (running, cycling and swimming) over several months of intense training to complete the Belman International Triathlon in the Ardennes on June 21. 

Following in the footsteps of colleagues

“It’s nice to connect with different people who share the same goal!” - Anne 

Accenture’s Fit At Work program gives our people in Belgium & Luxembourg free access to work/life balance and nutrition tips, training plans and activity tracking via a digital platform, augmented by sports and nutrition workshops with experts and a vibrant program of 20 sporting events, for enthusiasts and beginners alike. 

For the past four years, Fit At Work has welcomed more than 50 Ambassadors as the faces of the program. As well as triathlons, they have cycled up the Passo Dello Stelvio for two years running, raising awareness on clean air. Their experiences influenced several of this year’s Ambassadors to volunteer. 

“I worked alongside one of the Ambassadors who climbed the Stelvio last year. She was so dedicated and always doing her best. I couldn’t help but admire her! So, I decided to follow her example. The other attraction was the opportunity to start doing sport again under the supervision of a coach, following a car accident injury I sustained last year.” - Aline

“I seriously doubted whether I would subscribe for this challenge, and it was previous Ambassadors who convinced me to do so. I think it’s great that Accenture gives us the opportunity to engage in activities like this.” - Stephanie

Expert coaching & support

“Mastering two new sports disciplines (swimming and cycling) is the biggest challenge for me. But after a long business day, it can be a great incentive to pick up the running shoes when others are out training as well. There is a Swedish proverb that capture it perfectly: ‘Shared joy is double joy and shared sorrow is half-sorrow’.” - Jan

Throughout their journey, our Ambassadors are coached and monitored by Energy Lab. It starts with physical screening and personalized training and nutrition plans, then continues with an intensive training program in all three disciplines to build stamina and team spirit. There are regular group training sessions with Energy Lab coaches, but our Ambassadors also regularly get together independently as a team. 

“I’ve never participated in a triathlon before. At first, my family and friends were quite surprised! Now everyone is really encouraging and fully supporting me to achieve my goal. Come June, I hope to cross the finish line and look back on some wonderful training sessions with my fellow Ambassadors and other colleagues.” - Laurens

We’re in this together!

“When we train together, it’s not only way more fun but also a great source of comfort when you know you’re not the only one to suffer during one hour on the bike! It’s really cool to follow who has done what via our WhatsApp group.” - Aurélien

Every year, the Fit At Work Ambassador program proves to be a great way to make new connections with colleagues and often results in lasting friendships.And above and beyond their personal goals, our Ambassadors are role models, activating everyone at Accenture to adopt a healthier lifestyle. On June 21, around 80 colleagues will also join them as participants of the Belman Triathlon.

“I hope that I will have inspired others to also join the initiative or become more active in general.” - Branco

How will they all feel when they cross the finishing line?

“Pride, satisfaction & a ton of dopamine!” 

Stay tuned for the results of our Ambassadors’ journey to the Belman International Triathlon!

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