Accenture Alumni are present in a multitude of roles in a multitude of organizations. Regardless of their walk of life, they continue to take a lead and act as catalysts of the next ‘new’.

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‘Once Accenture, always Accenture.’ This is no idle claim. Working at Accenture has a professional impact on the rest of your career. We learn a common way of working—analytical, thorough, ethical, outcome focused—and we take it with us wherever we go next.We are instinctively tuned to each other’s language and approach, which is why we continue to collaborate long after being colleagues. It’s all here in our presentation video.

The Alumni Network in Belgium & Luxembourg keeps this unique relationship alive. It is more than just a link with the past. It is more than chance meetings and networking with former colleagues. Our common background creates fertile ground on which we grow new projects together and continuously add value for our members, business and society.

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