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Telefónica and Accenture: A digital partnership

Telefonica, is the sixth largest mobile telecommunications company, worked with Accenture to progress in their goal of becoming a digital company.


Telefónica is the sixth largest mobile telecommunications company in the world. To progress in their goal of becoming a digital company, they partnered with Accenture.

Over seven months, the Accenture Interactive team used proprietary digital assets and market-defining talent to drive high performance and deliver speed to proven effect over the client’s digital value chain.

Telefónica now has a set of tools which improves its ability to identify, measure, compare and evaluate results, being also able to effectively measure its progress toward its goal.


Telefónica is a company with major presence across several markets in Latin America amounting to 60 percent of its overall business.

Since Telefónica aspired to be a global digital communications company, they needed an improvement in the key performance areas of better customer experience and greater uptake of eServicing. Their greatest business challenge was to remove barriers on engagement. Other business challenges include:

  • Markets with varying levels of digital sophistication.

  • Budget and time constraints.

  • Complex IT legacy systems.

In addition, despite regional CEO support, there were other challenges to overcome; the need to enhance digital skills, improvement in common metrics and greater synergies throughout the region.


Over the course of seven months from June 2011, Accenture Interactive and Telefónica planned and delivered a customer-connected digital value chain that would quickly accelerate value for Telefónica and its customers.

We positioned Accenture Interactive as more of a service than a ready-made solution. This helped Telefónica’s digital community explore the benefits of a more digital culture and focus on ways to optimize IT and organizational channels, rather than re-building them. Key assets used include:

  • Accenture Digital Diagnostics

  • Accenture Digital Optimization platform

  • Accenture Web Evaluator

  • Accenture Technology Labs Social Network Analytics Platform


By optimizing Telefónica’s global digital channels, supplementing and growing capabilities and engaging the client’s global digital community, Accenture Interactive helped Telefónica return the project value:

  • 100 percent of technical experience objectives met.

  • 70 percent increase in sales optimization performance.

  • An increase in all servicing key performance indicators.

  • 37 percent increase in organic Web traffic.

  • 100 percent customer experience objectives fulfilled.

  • +18 percent increase in the percentage of online customers.

  • Benefits accounted for a full return of investment.

  • Significant uptake of social media.

  • 33 percent increase in eBilling adoption.

  • An average 66 percent improvement in sales conversion rates across the regions.

The collaboration with Telefónica has proven to be valuable. As a result, the collaboration was extended to 10 countries during 2012.