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Global healthcare company: Sales and marketing analytics

Read how Accenture with its analytics experience, and history of helping life-sciences assisted a Healthcare Company pursue and achieve high performance.


The company is a leader in the biopharmaceutical industry. Providing therapies related to diabetes, the client markets products and services in nearly 200 countries.

Motivated by intensifying competition, the company turned to Accenture for analytics know-how. Improved sales and marketing analytics are now providing insights with greater speed and efficiency, thereby providing a competitive advantage for the client’s operations in Australia.


The company’s office in Australia faced interrelated challenges in 2011, notably:

  • Responding to intensifying competition in the insulin market, with market-share implications.

  • Surmounting technical issues related to rollout of a management software platform.

  • Departure of experienced talent in sales and marketing analytics.

  • Quantifying links between business actions and outcomes.

Company leaders turned to Accenture for analytics experience and a demonstrated history of helping life-sciences companies pursue high performance.

How We Helped

The project team began with a current-state analysis based on interviews, surveys, benchmarking and a maturity model. By overlaying an analytics model with end-to-end sales and marketing processes, the project team was able to rank opportunities and estimate added value from various projects.

Accenture recommendations included tactical quick wins (i.e. solutions that could be implemented using existing data and resources) and a long-term, strategic blueprint (i.e. scoping considerations to craft a new operating model for analytics). To supplement a shortage of human resources, Accenture provided seasoned marketing and sales analytics talent that hit the ground running.

High Performance Delivered

The client implemented Accenture’s quick-win recommendations within 10 weeks, delivering measurable benefits in reporting and self-service capabilities. Automation of monthly marketing reports reduced report generation from three to four days to less than four hours. Improved accessibility of enterprise data enabled self-service analytical capabilities at the pharmacy level. The introduction of weekly dashboard reports—documenting sales calls and recent results—delivers insights at a glance, leading to faster business decisions and actions.

To pursue long-term gains, senior management approved Accenture’s blueprint-phase recommendations, thereby spurring discussions of further investments in analytics capabilities. Accenture recommended the client extend its customer segmentation model, thereby refining the way it manages different groups of customers considering present and future value. The client is also using analytics to track sales force effectiveness, and evaluate the efficacy of marketing tactics by using a sales regression model.

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