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Global pharmaceutical company: Campaign management services

Accenture helped a global pharmaceutical company develop a standard operating model for campaign management activities.

The company was using multiple third-party vendors to design and execute its marketing campaigns. This approach resulted in process redundancies, increased costs due to inefficiencies and risk-prone campaign rollout methods. The client engaged Accenture to assist in mitigating these costs and risks by developing an automated process to manage campaign operations.

The program detailed responsibilities for the client, Accenture and different fulfillment vendors to avoid duplication of effort and costs, and to create standard processes for all parties.

The onshore/offshore Accenture team translates the company’s marketing tactics into Siebel-based campaigns and reporting. Daily collaboration with client groups and third-party vendors verifies that the campaigns within specific markets are being managed well.

The client is now able to increase its volume of campaigns to 300–400 a year across all channels, while decreasing costs by 25–30 percent.