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Nordic Telco: Analytics help reduce churn and improve marketing campaigns

Read how Accenture helped a Nordic telco use analytics more effectively to reduce customer churn and improve marketing campaigns.


Facing increased competition, a Nordic telecom giant turned to Accenture for help after customer churn peaked and telemarketing campaigns delivered weak results.

The telecommunications company is one of the largest in its market with nearly two million households connected to multiple services. The mix of products and services includes digital television (including high definition), broadband and telephony. After years of steady growth, the client’s business began to stagnate. Customer satisfaction was low, churn rates were up, and telemarketing campaigns had lost effectiveness.

The company had been collecting customer data but had little success in using it strategically. Segmentation projects and attempts to establish sophisticated analytics capabilities had failed.

The company needed deeper insights into customer priorities and behaviors to reduce attrition and improve competitiveness as new companies entered the market. Specifically, the client wanted to identify customers with high risk of defection and implement ways to retain them. Proven results helping companies reduce churn was a key factor in the client’s choice of Accenture.


Drawing on extensive experience in customer analytics in the telecommunications industry, Accenture initiated a multi-phased plan of action. Existing information was tapped to create customer analytical records. These records were grouped into multidimensional segments based on customer behaviors and perceived value. Accenture helped the client combine these records with external data to create customer profiles for each sub-segment. The final phases involved developing strategies and targeted retention campaigns to be persuasive for each customer group.

In addition, Accenture evaluated processes in the company’s “Save Desk,” a call center focused on customer retention. This part of the project relied on knowledge of leading practices, and identifying top performers who were asked to lead a restructured team.



The client estimates savings between 10 percent and 20 percent on telemarketing. Persuasive messages are being created to appeal to and retain customers in well-understood sub-segments. Accenture introduced new offers to aid in retention, and improved processes and motivated leaders are boosting performance on the Save Desk.

Working from issues to outcome, Accenture helped the company build a solid foundation for growth and success based on data-driven strategies for improved customer relationship management. As a result, the company has reallocated resources for proactive client retention and outbound telemarketing, including cross- and up-selling. Accenture’s work is expected to improve other areas of the business as well. Segmentation will influence product and service offerings, pricing and banding strategies, and new product development.

"Accenture helped us identify segments that matter and uncover useful insights... to transform our customer loyalty marketing strategy."

Head of the Customer Management Group

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