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Major South East Asia Publisher: Rolling Out an EPM Roadmap to Drive Budgeting Efficiency and Effectiveness

Developing an enterprise performance management solution to drive budgeting efficiency and effectiveness.


A major publisher in South East Asia wanted to replace its legacy budgeting, planning and forecasting system that no longer met its business needs. It wanted a new budgeting, planning and forecasting solution that would span all its business segments—newspapers, magazines, new media and property management.

Accenture helped by starting the project with an evaluation of the publisher’s budgeting, planning and forecasting environment, before proposing a multiyear road map that would build on the client’s existing technology investments. During the implementation phase, Accenture helped the publisher roll out a driver-based budgeting system and secure user acceptance of the new platform.

The project, which took a year to complete, will enable the publisher to immediately realize budgeting efficiencies by reducing its budget cycle time. The solution will also help to equip the organization with enhanced planning and budgeting capabilities through the introduction of scenario planning and driver-based simulation.

The Approach

What's Next?