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Bacardi: Implementation of HANA Hybrid technology for significant performance

Accenture helped Bacardi develop a hybrid system architecture based on SAP HANA


Accenture helped Bacardi implement the SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA)—a new in-memory analytics appliance from SAP to enable better reporting performance, reduce data load latency and provide a simplified platform for agile development of external data.

Bacardi was facing continuous degradation in system performance due to constantly growing data volumes. The company’s existing enterprise data warehouse was not the best-suited environment for agile development of external data. Bacardi turned to Accenture to help implement the SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA)—an in-memory platform for processing operational and transactional data in real time.


Accenture helped Bacardi develop a hybrid system architecture based on SAP HANA, which accommodates mixed agile development scenarios, future performance improvements and simplified enterprise data warehouse architecture.

Accenture optimized the client’s Business Intelligence (BI) process flows to reduce complexity and number of layers in its information management system. Accenture worked with Bacardi to migrate its data warehouse to the new SAP HANA in-memory solution to enable top-notch reporting performance for cross-functional analysis. The business warehouse (BW) is now integrated with the various systems such as SAP ECC from a data reporting perspective.

Accenture delivered this program through its Enterprise Services for Consumer Goods suite of offerings, which enables CPG companies to evolve beyond their ERP systems and benefit from increased adoption, continuous improvement and standardized solutions.


The new HANA platform enables faster, more accurate and agile reporting performance, facilitating better decision making. The platform provides excellent response time for reports and dashboards, and effective navigation for segmenting, viewing and analyzing data in near real time. The system can resolve queries 14.2 times faster than earlier and achieve 50 percent faster data loading within BW. The platform also enhances Bacardi’s ability to access large volumes of data and assess its data sources to better monitor business conditions. Additionally, the superior BI design reduces design complexity, simplifies the application architecture and ensures easier maintenance.