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Fortune 500 department store chain: Diagnoses and improves organic search

Accenture software helped Fortune 500 department store improve its organic search performance of Web properties and ongoing compliance monitoring.

Underperforming in organic search led this Fortune 500 department store chain to review its Web presence.​

It believed that inadequate focus on standards, process, and analytics for site construction and content publication was constraining market potential and increasing customer acquisition costs.

Accenture teamed with in-house resources to identify, prioritize and address systemic issues which were likely undermining organic search productivity using Accenture’s Digital Diagnostics software, an automated Web scanning diagnostic tool that helps maintain brand consistency, usability and compliance standards.

The team defined and instituted standards for content publishing and metadata specification, and created automated methods for preventive and corrective management of these standards.

Search rankings increased by an average of more than 200 percent following implementation of the new and improved search engine optimization process framework and compliance monitoring for the new Web standards. To support continued compliance and high quality Web implementations, more than 30 creative designers and copy writers publishing 10,000 product SKUs per month were fully trained on the new standards.