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Digital business delivers dynamic customer insights

Read how Accenture’s Big Data expertise helped a European Telco tap customer data to launch a new digital business delivering dynamic customer insights.


Telecommunications providers have faced declining revenues in recent years as voice calls, texts and data have become increasingly commoditized. Our client, a major European telco, saw an opportunity to generate additional revenue by creating a new business that taps into large volumes of seldom-used historical and transactional data.

Citing knowledge of big data analytics and experience helping telecommunications companies pursue high performance, company leaders engaged Accenture Analytics to assist in setting up and running the new digital business.


Aiming to find new revenue streams, the company launched a separate business to create new revenue streams tapping underused customer data. The company called on Accenture’s expertise in big data and telecommunications to develop an industrial-strength business model for a new digital company.

Accenture Analytics mobilized a global team of experts to assist in developing a full range of capabilities by addressing three over-arching objectives:

  • Platform and data operations need to emphasize an end-to-end approach.

  • Product development and support will focus on creating innovative applications and products with industrial efficiency.

  • Sales support will provide resources and activities to increase capabilities for direct sales.


Accenture Analytics designed and built a highly flexible analytics solution to power the new platform, which draws from operational sources of data, including mobile networks, customer relationship management and warehouse data. For rapid ramp-up, the project team selected a third-party cloud supplier, which increased speed-to-market and was well aligned with long-term plans to migrate to a proprietary cloud.

The project team developed an application that draws on mobile network data to enable companies to measure, compare, and understand factors that influence the number of people visiting a location at any time.

Clients using this application are able to:

  • Browse and query customer location and demography to increase reach

  • Define location by postcode or street to improve accuracy and granularity

  • Analyze people-catchment areas and travel from/to zones to refine targeting

  • Segment residents, workers and ad-hoc visitors to reduce poorly directed spend

  • Fine-tune selections by the hour, day, week and month.

Organizations using big data today report overwhelming satisfaction with their results, according to a new Accenture Analytics survey.


Download PDF Read the report. [PDF 699KB]


Accenture’s experience in big data analytics, telecommunications and project management were instrumental in rapidly launching the new digital company. The company already has a pipeline of more than 40 insight-powered products and services.

Within 100 days, Accenture helped the client deliver a new vertical business, selling applications to companies in multiple hemispheres.

Learn more about Big Data Analytics in our latest research report.


Download PDFDownload the report [PDF 699KB]

Download PDFDownload the infographic [PDF 607KB]

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