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Accenture transforms its business performance management

Easy access to data with Manage myBusiness

Opportunity to transform

As the world becomes more digital, companies like Accenture are working to transform not only their clients' businesses but also their own in order to compete and accelerate. Business performance management is one area that was high on Accenture’s digital agenda—specifically for the teams managing Accenture’s client accounts and business units in reporting upward to business unit leadership. These teams needed to understand the most important aspects of client and portfolio performance more immediately, and needed data that is consistent and accessible online.

Our internal IT organization recognized there was an opportunity to use technologies and analytics to change the way Accenture people work by bringing together key financial and operational information in a new way. This information would enable client account teams to engage more effectively with client portfolio leadership teams to better analyze business activity and drive business.

Accenture transforms its business performance management

Listen as Accenture managing director Jason Warnke and Client Team Centricity Lead Patrick Engelking discuss how Accenture is transforming business performance management with the Manage myBusiness capability.

Use-case driven approach

We launched a new program called Manage myBusiness to address the opportunity. Our team took a use case-driven approach directly with our stakeholders and used best-of-breed analytic technology to bring client and business unit analytics together online, in real time, for the enterprise.

The technology approach built on Accenture’s existing IT investments and used the latest visualization and services technology available to connect data from Accenture’s core operational systems into one mobile-enabled platform. The program followed an Agile and user-centric design approach to deliver an experience with extensive feedback from teams in the field.

Once Manage myBusiness reached a robust point, our team launched it to nearly 10,000 executive team members across Accenture. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and consistent. Accenture account executives went from sorting through numerous reports to having quick, online access to financial and operational metrics.

Shifting an organization toward a data-driven enterprise is a transformation. Technology opens the door by democratizing data and creating a new level of accountability. It requires effective change management and early sponsorship for the change and setting the mandate to move once the technology is ready.

One-stop shop analytics

Today, Manage myBusiness provides the teams managing Accenture’s client accounts with a new, one-stop shop for online, actionable business performance analytics and leadership review. It changes the game by providing crisp answers to the core questions that business runners ask around profitability, sustainability, go-to-market transformation and return on investment. It allows more real-time and online dialogue among teams, driving direct business management actions, enabling faster outcomes and directing business growth.

“Manage myBusiness is fantastic,” says Jean Becker, Director of Finance, Products operating group. “We can now move away from heavy, disparate reports to real-time evaluation. We spend less time preparing for a conversation and more time driving actions. It allows me to drive behaviors immediately, gaining a huge leap in efficiency.”

Looking ahead, the solution will provide a scalable platform as we expand management information across other functional areas and deliver it digitally across the enterprise.