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Building a centralized digital foundation for MSA - The Safety Company

Acquity Group helped MSA–The Safety Company transform its global brand and consolidate its online presence to a highly optimized digital platform.


Even as the company that provides mission critical equipment to a range of industries, was realizing impressive growth, the company was not satisfied with its global online presence. It was managing standalone sites for 39 countries as well as product-specific sites.

To eliminate silos and inefficiencies throughout the organization’s online marketing program, MSA looked to Acquity Group to help unify its backend infrastructure so that the company could make the most of its digital presence, managing global messaging and product content more effectively.

Leveraging Acquity Group's B2B business and technology expertise and strong multinational capabilities, MSA wanted to transform itself from an international company to a true global leader in safety products and systems.

The project represented a unique opportunity for Acquity Group to leverage all four of its core capabilities: Strategy, Creative, Technology and Managed Services, bringing thought leadership to all aspects of the project.

We selected Acquity Group based on their reputation as a leader in B2B eCommerce, as well as their proven expertise with manufacturers and experience with select MSA channel and distribution partners.
Global eBusiness Manager
MSA - The Safety Company

About MSA

Since their founding in 1914, MSA–The Safety Company has nurtured a reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality safety products and hazard detection systems, providing mission critical equipment to the fire service, energy, construction, law enforcement, military, and mining markets, as well as other industries where hazards are present.

Over the past decade, MSA has achieved solid growth—with sales that now exceed $1 billion and a compound annual growth rate of 14 percent over the past two years. Yet despite their impressive trend line and worldwide reach, MSA recognized that their global online presence was heavily siloed and inconsistent across its global locations and markets.

In many ways, MSA’s challenge was rooted in a desire to capitalize on new opportunities in the digital marketplace. The company lacked the tools to centralize data and content, and the absence of an internal governance structure limited MSA’s effectiveness in publishing localized content, making it difficult to define its product catalog at the country or regional level.


By working closely with MSA's executive leadership we were able to support the company's corporate strategy and bring it to life in the digital space, creating compelling experiences and significant sustainable advantage for the organization.

The three main challenges for the project included:

Sales Force Enablement
The challenge was make it easier for digital customers around the world to do business with MSA, prioritizing sales force enablement - equipping internal stakeholders and channel partners with an optimized digital resource for engaging and converting customers.

Customer Focus
Reposition the brand as a full safety solutions provider, capable of integrating multiple products and systems to ensure worker safety across a broad spectrum of hazardous situations.

Catalog Localization
Consolidate many different websites into one centralized platform. But while consolidation was critical, the new platform needed to display the right products in the right countries to regional customers.


MSA and Aquity Group worked across a number of areas throughout this initiative:

Digital strategy
One of Acquity Group’s first steps was to focus on MSA’s existing business strategies. By acquiring a deep understanding of MSA’s current capabilities and operations, Acquity Group was able to develop the clear vision for a holistic roadmap, demonstrating how digital could enable MSA’s business goals and create new business opportunities.

Creative services
Acquity Group performed a comprehensive creative process to support MSA’s business goals and to enhance the brand’s global digital presence. This process included a competitive assessment and evaluation of MSA’s current sites, as well as collaborative conversations with MSA’s Global Brand and Communications Council to determine the look and feel of the digital brand experience.

Technical services
Early in the engagement, MSA selected the hybris platform for its eCommerce and content management requirements. The team worked closely with MSA to design and build out the solution on the hybris platform.

Managed services
The transition from technical services to managed services was seamless, since Acquity Group was also responsible for hosting MSA’s consolidated site. To facilitate a smooth rollout, Acquity Group built out the architecture for the servers and ensured that the new site performed according to expectations prior to launch.


Through this initiative, MSA improved the functionality of the digital platform, transformed the company’s digital presence and helped reinforce its reputation as the global leader in the safety solutions sector. Some critical outcomes include:

  • A solution that allows MSA to manage catalogs from a single cockpit, locally and globally.

  • Stakeholders can quickly publish product information and unstructured content without IT assistance, reducing time to market.

  • Development of a calibrated roadmap that describes the ongoing evolution of MSA’s digital presence.

  • Positive impact on brand perception and on MSA’s global brand initiatives.


Download PDFTo learn more, download the full case study [PDF, 1.21 MB]