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Generating revenue through business intelligence and analytics

Learn how Accenture Analytics helped the State of Maryland Comptroller generate revenue through business intelligence and data warehousing.


The Office of the Comptroller of Maryland administers state tax laws and collects revenues necessary to support services, including education, social and health services, roads and other public infrastructure. The Comptroller collects approximately $19 billion in revenue annually from 200,000 businesses and 3 million individuals.

In support of initiatives to provide more efficient work processes and improve the effectiveness of collecting revenue, the Comptroller worked with Accenture to implement a Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse (BI/DW) solution. The objectives of the BI/DW project were to provide consolidated access to state and federal tax and revenue information to support the identification of sources of additional revenue for the state.

Accenture Analytics Services


Accenture reviewed business processes and provided recommendations that maximized the existing IT investment and leveraged information from various tax systems within the agency. The project team implemented six benefits programs in less than 80 days that started to collect additional revenue in record time.

The Comptroller of Maryland and Accenture have implemented 13 revenue generating programs for individual and corporate taxes, using state and federal data. The solution uses advanced analytical capabilities for revenue generating programs. Accenture has also helped the IT Division modernize their infrastructure and applications using low total cost of ownership and reliable technology encompassing virtualization and remote access.


The Comptroller of Maryland has collected more than $175 million in additional revenues since the first early benefit project was implemented in 2009. In addition, the Comptroller, through the use of analytics during processing of returns, has either prevented the issuance of unsupported refunds or identified questionable refunds in the amount of $1.3 million.

Key success factors for the project include:

  • Flexible project management approach adjusted to Comptroller priorities.

  • A focus on generating additional revenue and detecting fraud.

  • Knowledge transfer from day one to business and technical staff.

  • Compliance with federal and state security policies and guidelines.

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